A Philosophy of Non Aggression is Moral

in #news5 years ago

Some people sometimes scoff at philosophical/moral libertarian arguments (self-ownership/NAP) as if having a philosophical or moral underpinning to your worldview makes you a religious zealot.

Moral & Philsophical frameworks are important for setting boundaries on the practical. The NAP (Non-Aggression Principle) is to me a Framework that sets one of the clearest and simplest boundaries (Simple is good cause it makes it harder to bend and muddy with clever rhetoric to satisfy ones whims).

I don’t think anyone wants to be hurt or have their stuff taken so it’s practical for your safety to say you won’t do the same to others. Anything short of that opens the door even if extremely situational or limited to initiated injury of your life, body and property by others for the sole reason they think others who are not you will be better off.

Point is, morality is as practical as anything else.


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