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iPay You can send bitcoins by Twitter

iPayYou, a wallet that allows users to send bitcoins to people who do not have accounts Bitcoin, has introduced its Pay-per-Twitter, which allows users to send the cryptocurrency directly to the Twitter accounts of recipients

Thus, iPayYou becomes the first full service portfolio that allows payments peer-to-peer in the social network Twitter. Users can send payments by email without the recipient has a Bitcoin pre-created account.

How does it work

Once payment has been sent, a tweet notifies the recipient that has received a payment for iPayYou. The tweet makes a link to the website iPayYou so that the recipient can accept payment. The recipient can hold the amount bitcoins in your wallet iPayYou, send it as payment to another pair, or sell their bitcoin in US dollars deposited in your bank account.

The fee to sell bitcoins in iPay You for US customers is about 0.5%, plus a network share / nominal service. The fee to purchase Bitcoin is a floor of 0.5%

Twitter to support Bitcoin

IPayYou's mission is to offer easy ways to pay with Bitcoin for everyday use. Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and why they are interested in this medium.

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