Shark Attacks Girl from Ohio at Hilton Head

in #news4 years ago


So the moment I arrive in city of Hilton Head, South Carolina today the first thing I see on my Facebook feed is this article.

Ohio Teen: A Shark Bit Me on the First Day of my Hilton Head Vacation

My first thought is that this is a random case. Next I search Hilton Head in Instagram, just to see some images of what people are doing here. What do I find? This:

I have a 12 year old and an 8 year old. My daughter loves to boogie board in the ocean. She just broke her arm on Tuesday so I don't know how much she wants to even go in the ocean, but the last thing she needs is a shark attack.

Is there anyone familiar with the area who knows if sharks are common at this time?

This is my first time here. We typically go to Fenwick Island every summer.

Do you think I should take any precautions with my children?


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