War Profiteers Control U.S. Trade Deals & Our Pivot To Asia: My Interview with Jan Weinberg

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Longtime peace activist and expert researcher Jan Weinberg sat down with me to connect all the dots between war profiteers, the TPP, new trade deals, the American Asia pivot and Africa pivot, and so much more. Honestly, there's enough gripping information here to fill hours. Jan also talks about what we can all do to stop this endless war madness.


Thanks for the Steemit shout out
I remember seeing you on youtube way back (maybe almost 10 years ago) when you were mainly doing comedy
Good to see you on here

So stoked to have you on the platform and a massive Cheers for that awesome shout out!

Can't wait to watch this, it's so wonderful having you here on Steemit Lee!!

Awesome interview with two great activists!! Made for more clear seeing of the greedy and ruthless reasons the US interacts with other countries as it does. THANK YOU!!

Quality post. Upvoted and followed!

great stuff, always! so glad to have found you on this new platform (well, new to me) keep up the great work.

Just did a venn on Northrop Grumman yesterday:

It would be a great development.

The fed, like the creature it is (from Jekyll Island you can say) will probably strike out like as a wounded animal would if attempts are made to bring it down.

You can already see them doing this in attempt to either bring down or control crypto currencies. You can also see this in how (through large banks in their system ) they keep gold and silver from moving as it would normally otherwise do. Lastly you can also see this in the bank policies that continue to Ben implemented that are geared towards moving into a cashless society.

Technically Pres Trump's "pullout" is still valid in that he decided not to pursue going on with the TPP.
Of course, that guy is against the US Constitution, although in part. He puts enough bait on that hook to snare you in, then the trap snaps on you to be destructive. They come in with enough appeal on the surface, but deep inside is like the pot calling the kettle black, or as the Marxist & Stalinist debate on who have the best eutopia of bondage.
But of course, we need to stop warring for the mere purpose of profiteering , but the US Constitution is tantamount to balance of national security if it is enforced.

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