The Moral Collapse of America (New Episode of Redacted Tonight)

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  • Living off the grid is illegal in many states in the U.S. because it's considered "camping" but our military camps out in 70% of all countries.
  • Housing the homeless is illegal in many areas but taking tents and blankets away from the homeless is LEGAL and often done by the cops.
  • Leaving water for those dying of thirst is illegal on the border but stealing all the clean water like Nestle does is LEGAL.
  • Revealing our war crimes as a whistle blower is illegal but committing war crimes seems to be LEGAL.
    This represents the moral collapse of our country. I covered it on the new episode of Redacted Tonight. Hope you enjoy.

How can the deep state spy on you if you are "Living off the grid"?

Pretty soon having Amazon Alexa installed in every room will be mandatory.

Ssssshhhh don't tell them you do not have one.

Google Chrome has likely already keylogged this convo and forwarded this to the Ministry of Truth.

Trump's Government Sachs (old list) -->

  • Steve Bannon - Ex Goldman Sachs Investment Banker / Chief White House Strategist
  • Steve Mnuchin - Ex Goldman Sachs Chief Information Officer / Secretary of Treasury
  • James Donovan - Ex Goldman Sachs Partner / Assistant Secretary of Treasury
  • Dina Powell - Ex President of Goldman Sachs Foundation / Ivanka Trump's top Advisor on Policy
  • Jay Clayton - Sullivan & Cromwell (Goldman Sachs’ law firm) / Trump's selection to chair SEC
  • Gary Cohn - Ex Goldman Sachs President / Head of National Economic Counsel

Very much the same here in Germany, consumerism over morals and unjust rules/laws over sensibility. After years of discussing and arguing, I've come to the opinion that humour and satire are among the best ways to stand up. Especially if it's spot on like your show - thanks a lot!

Totally spot on. Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds suggested that the blanket surveillance is used in part as a mechanism to find dirt on people either in power or who are being considered for appointed positions. The vetting process is actually used to find people who can be plied. Politicians know they are being surveilled yet they maintain the infrastructure, likely because they have incentives to say nothing and disincentives to speak out. The criminalization of good will and positive change and the intensification of police state measures will only further entrench a state of disempowerment as we slide into economic and ecological crisis. Wage a global war on terror, and presto, you turn your country into a prison camp.

Moral men need no masters. Liberty & morality are linked in humanity. You can not have liberty without morality & you can only have morality without liberty for a very short time. A truley moral people will not suffer being ruled over for long. I say all of that to say this...the morality of the people must be attacked by those who wish to controle them. Otherwise the would be rulers won't be able to subjugate a population. Great points sir. We've let the powers that shouldn't be turn reality upside down. Good is evil & evil is great! If we want liberty we must gain self dicipline based on the moral principals of do no harm & live up to your word. Thanks @leecamp.

I believe that the entire planet has become morally bankrupt, the majority sold out to consumerism.

Imagine if everyone realized they could save a ton of money by investing in a house with passive solar, rainwater capture & filtration, and water recycling that has no utility costs. That would be TERRIBLE for the energy companies, and therefore must be made difficult. I mean, logically, it should already be the law that new buildings, or at the very least new dwellings, must support their own utility needs. We have the ability to do this, and it doesn't actually cost more initially, if done right.

When will being human be illegal?

I love your rants. I could go on a rant myself right now. We all need to rant.

Part of me is happy they are so Orwellian. If they at least tried to maintain the illusion that our interests are being served or that the system was uncorrupted, they might be able to continue this for profit system going for centuries longer. If the US had cutting edge infrastructure, education, and health care, the American public would likely be apathetic.

Instead, they have let our situation deteriorate to the point where we have historic inequality, incarceration, surveillance state, global militarism, and police brutality. This reluctance, if not outright refusal, to "throw the public a bone" in the form of some legislation in our interest, e.g. Medicare for All, ending drug war, free public college, etc, only makes their dereliction and corruption that much more pronounced.

I think this absolute failure of governing, combined with their ruthless greed, will only hasten the transition to open source, decentralized systems that are receptive to the needs of our species.

TL;DR The Oligarchs greed and propensity to ignore the public's needs are ultimately a good thing that hasten the old system's demise and the transition to better systems.

It is really a shame that our 'leaders' are morally corrupted and acting totally irresponsible. The best way to change it is not to take part in any moral bad behavior they try to convince us.

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There was another marijuana related death you didn't talk about, a guy was unloading a one tonne pallet of it off a truck when the jack broke and it fell on him.

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