The Largest Heist In Human History (Literally)

in news •  8 months ago

There's new information on the $21 Trillion of unaccounted for money at the Pentagon. Here's my segment on this unbelievable heist.

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Dick is one of the shadiest slickest criminals ever

Awesome. I have studied this topic for a decade. Many whistleblowers from the military industrial complex - including colonel level - have stated that much of this 'missing' money goes into 'black' projects that involve a wide variety of highly advanced technologies that would make the star trek enterprise look out dated.


hmmm. more like the nuclear programs for israel & pakistan, and armies of mercenaries.


It probably goes to many places, including the global network of Deep Underground Military Bases.


That wouldn't really put a dent in 21 trillion.

Wow, you've done well

Just brilliant Lee. Best segment you've ever done (well top 5 anyway)

Amazing work, as always!

One thing you could plausibly purchase with 21T dollars would be a black-op manned space program including a small fleet of interstellar vehicles.

Great that you have joined the community but if you don't interact, it's really not going to work. Place some more into your posts besides the link to the video - some opinion - anything ;-) good luck.

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