Our Corporate Media Continues To Push Regime Change Propaganda

in news •  2 years ago 

In this short clip from my show, I go over exactly how the corporate media propaganda machine works. General Mattis said there was no evidence of Syria using sarin gas. Our media then ran around nearly saying the opposite.
Watch -

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Wow, Lee, you are on Steemit! Redacted tonight is my favourite political show!

Thanks Lee for the clip.
The United States has failed to overthrow Assad and now it is having to settle for trying to partition the country through its occupation of different parts of the country. Both Mad dog Matiss and Tillerson have stated that the U.S. is in Syria for the long term to help ''reconstruction'' efforts and to make sure those nasty Isis terrorists never come back.
I wonder if the $2 billion recently approved for precision guided bombs for Syria and Iraq is part of the reconstruction package?

you mean like the "Poison gas" the BBC accused Syria of using back in 2012....and then after they were PROVEN to have completely falsified the story.... they refused to apologize? ...Yet did it again in 2014? With again: no Proof.
Not buying it then. not buying it now, lol.
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Fuck dude, how stoned were you? You look baked, lol!

Unfortunately, nothing is going to stop this from going full steam ahead. They will not go back on their plans for a new Middle East. The propaganda is just getting more extreme and ridiculous by the day.

I love the US. It is so good they are protecting the civilians of Syria from the government of Syria. It is great that the Syrians don't have to worry about sarin gas. It is great they don't have to fear Syrian government forces destroying their homes. Because the Yanks are killing them with conventional weapons and the "rebel" forces backed by the US are kicking them out of their homes and booby trapping them.

And as for not having to fear the use of gas from Syrian forces, that is great. The rebel's use of chemical weapons must have inured them to that threat!

Do you know the Syrian government killed 100 syrian yesterday In cooperation with Russian aviation, most of them children's and women, Nobody knows about it..

And how many people did the "free" Syrian army kill during the past ten years of their ill-conceived revolt? The saddest part of the misery inflicted upon Syria may be that the rebels actually believe that they are dying for "freedom" and "human rights," rather than recognizing the reality of their being but pawns in geopolitical game between Israel/Saudi Arabia and Iran, between Russia and the West.