Charging Cash Bail Is A Crime In Every Country Except The U.S. - And Here's Why

in news •  last year

Here's my quick update on prison reform news. Philly voted to get rid of cash bail, which should help us ask the question, "Why does it even exist?" Also a Florida judge ruled the ban on felons voting is illegal. These are both good news in a system that is truly a crime against humanity.
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At least Philly’s eyes are opening. Now how about those fucking out of control collect phone calls! What a crock of shite the whole system is. Oh that silly capitalism!

The system is not's fixed. End cash bail? Yeah buddy! Where did these psycopaths get the idea they can send their dogs to toss you off in a cage for anything. Man can never be trusted with athority over other men. Do no harm & live up to your word. Moral men need no masters & would have none.

I just have to say YEAH so excited to see you here on Steemit Lee! Right on! No censorship on the blockchain!

The Philippines too.