How Facebook, YouTube, and Google Collude To Crush Dissent [Video]

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As many of you know, I host a TV show called "Redacted Tonight." Despite having a very large Facebook and YouTube presence, they are trying to crush the show every step of the way. So here's my new video on how exactly Facebook, YouTube, and Google have colluded to kill and suppress dissenting voices like mine and so many others. This is one of the many reasons I'm switching over to SteemIt and other platforms. ...Yes, this video was still initially posted on YouTube because I have a lot of subscribers there, but I will be posting more on Dtube soon. Have no fear.
Keep Fighting,


I got kicked off Facebook after two whole months. That site is particularly fascist. I signed up for Steemit so I could monetarily support my favorite journalists, but I'm having fun posting here, too.

They are doing it all over the world @leecamp.
BTW Amazing show today

I'm actually doing an article for TrigTent right now on YouTube's bullshit "government-funded" flagging of outlets like RT and PBS. I highly doubt YouTube will EVER flag Fox News which get money from Saudi Princes or MSNBC who give advertising space to Boeing and Lockheed Martin --- as soon as it's Russia it's "HARAM NO NO!"

Keep up the good fight, Lee!! x

I have had my facebook accounts suspended and/or closed down completely that it became a joke with my viewers to make sure they friended ALL of my accounts, lol. Youtube has cut off all monetization on my youtube channel over a year ago because... I swear. And Google? holy shit don't even get me started!! Last week I did a google search for my website and the EXACT title of the article I had written a year ago.... it finally turned up on page 10!! Hence,.... yep time to drop the old moldy and rotting and jump into the new!! Good on you Lee!!!

1 unfucker badge tiny.jpg

Page 10! rotflmao! Goes to show that googs is both manipulated and manipulative; which ever has the best chance of making a buck will make page 1, lol!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah....

Lee, I love you man!!! But we have a problem....

If I upvote you on Youtube, the Youtubacle (my name for that cock sucking monster) keeps getting money.

Post it on so you can make more $$$$ and the Youtubacle makes less!

Starve the beast!

So happy to here you will be posting more here. I can still get your show, but with the censorship issues who knows how long that will last. STeemit NEEDS more progressive voices and I will find you, your great contributors, and people like @Jimmydore no matter where you are. Uncensored blockchain will make it easier. Thanks for showing up :)

So nice to see you in here, Lee! I have been watching your show and loved it. I saw you on Montreal a few years back at Just for laughs stand up comedy. Keep doing those videos and say it as it is. You rock!

Been watching your very funny stuff for quite a while now; hope you stick around to make light of the situation. Kind regards, Onno.

They sure as hell won't allow RT and Activist Post to be news and yeah I feel that unfollowing my Twitter unfollows hundreds of users daily. I had to have a top lawyer threaten Twitter to get my account back after I was suspended. They are screwing us so hard which is why I set out to fix this with onG.Social united we stand divided we all fall.. This is bad its an information war like you said if we don't push alternatives we lose and the elitists win.

And that's why we don't forget to run keeping up with the latest chans like
general BM-2DAV89w336ovy6BUJnfVRD5B9qipFbRgmr or Politics BM-2D9d9op3Mf88EywdScTUfgTD8SsR32SrKR while having an anonymous low footprint crypto with a solid spread chain with and to be ready to digitally see the shift.

I don't understand people who have a digital dependence with twitter, diversify.

Bahahaha gotta love these fools trying to control everything, glad to have you here man.

Is there anything we can do other than join the crypto revolution? Steemit is a great place to be right now

Thanks for this info, I didn't know much about what was happening, I could have assumed it though.
Resteemed ya, more people should know you're on here

Nope, sure enough...
Lee, I would be HAPPY to upvote and resteem your work, if you could just verify that this really is YOU running this account. Thanks!

It's me. I'll be giving out my Steemit handle on Redacted VIP tomorrow night as well. I'll begin giving it out more often.

Upvoted and resteemed on your word, happy to have you here. Takes a little getting used to, it is not utopia, but hang in there. It IS worth the effort.

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My FB page is nothing but a steady stream of Steemit links. I always post here first, then drop a link to FB. Then FB drops a link to Twitter automatically (I haven't actually used Twitter in years).

As for YouTube, from now on I will only use DTube and other decentralized platforms.

The internet is beginning to decentralize too. Check out or Substratum.

That’s why I use brave browser, presearch beta search engine, steem and dtube as much as possible. Down with the monopolies.

F the class ceiling, may ur following be great on steemit <3

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I am not always fan of your shows. I think they are more designed to leftists/scumbag socialists types, part of the dual rt approach to reveal stress on both ends of the political spectrum. But still I am more than welcoming you here as an individual and not the host of a show that isn't just my style.

I hope you will have fun, not do too many career killing moves, as it is still free speech territory, but the goons of the censors must already be circling and maybe enjoy a flag war...

Is Facebook actually political? hmm, we'll I'm happy to be here on @steemit. I get to do more reading, more research, it educates me because I need to post reasonable articles to be upvoted, and I also get paid for my articles too. We'll @facebook should sit up, come get ideas from the steemians or prepare to....... I reserve my comments

YESSSS! I'm so fkin happy to see you here! :D :D
doing the happy dance

Also, upvoted and re-steemed...because you totally deserve to be shared with the world ;)

Woo-hoo! Am loving the influx of people that speak truth! keep up the great work !

I'm glad you found our platform and others that are not suppressing dissenting voices. I hope your followers from Youtube and Facebook find their way to Steemit. Keep it up!

welcome to steemit Lee. I've followed you for a while. Love your comedic take on things. Good luck on here.

Never fear folks, the establishment has sent their own trolls, to bombard the steemit community with the same regurgitated bullshit 'journalistic' memes...But they have done it, via a 'technology' blog (engadgetnews). Within 24 hours of creating their account, they posted a story about russian trolls and agents using tumblr to influence the American election LOL. Pretty lame and hilarious they are!

I quit the YouTube account last year when they started demonetizing anyone who talks about cryptocurrency. Two years ago I deleted my Facebook account (really, I had to find the link that is not inside Facebook to actually do that). DTube is now very functional and usable. Many well-known YouTubers are heading there. It is tied to Steemit (on the Steem blockchain). As in Steemit you get paid by viewer upvotes. Perhaps you should start posting your videos there? They then automatically post on Steemit. There is also Zappl on the Steem blockchain, which is much like twitter and also posts to Steemit. There is a lot of decentralized social media in the works. It is a system for the people, not the corporations. It is growing like crazy. Fully join us. Especially DTube.

All the more reason to Steem!!! it!!! up!!!

From my home: we appreciate what you all do at RT. We will be here to support you on steemit and dtube 🙏

Good to know thank you.

I posted this video link on my FB page. I don't think anyone saw it.

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