Ed Schultz Passed Away & Here's What The Corporate Media Won't Tell You [VIDEO]

in #news2 years ago

Ed Schultz's legacy should definitely include the parts that the corporate media would NEVER tell you.
Here's my short video on it -


Well said Lee. I was touched by your passionate report on Ed. It's a disgrace how his former "friends" at MSNBC have behaved.

Great reporter and honest man — a kind exiled from the corporate media. Big loss, because he was one of us, working on a new mainstream media. Thank you for this in memoriam @leecamp.

That sucks didn’t he recently start working at RT?

any media can not bite the hand that feeds it, it's just amazing how we get brainwashed into believing that "freedom of the press" is a hallmark part of western culture. but once you're woke to it, propaganda is so easy to spot, and seems so predictable & stupid. #muhricah #nato

Thanks for doing the extra piece this week. And thanks for coming to Charlotte. Great shows on both fronts.

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