5 Ways The Democrats Empower Trump Every Day

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The corporate Democrats claim to be "the resistance." Meanwhile, they work hard to empower Trump on a daily basis. It's not because they love Trump; it's because they stand for basically all the same things and they get paid by essentially all the same billionaires and corporate entities. It's two puppets on the hands of one guy. Here are my TOP FIVE ways the Democrats empower Trump -

Keep Fighting,


You are correct.

People need to wake up to the fact that they are being played. Good Cop, Bad Cop. Their both cops. and paid by the same keepers.

The biggest threat to the left and any kind of change for the better is not the Republicans. No, it is the Democrats. Blaming Republicans for being horrible is like blaming shit for stinking. It's shit. It stinks. It's what it does. The reason the USA is turning into such a shithole right now is because the Democrats didn't flush the toilet when they had the chance. That's because their entire reason for existence is protecting the donor class. Democrats know who their enemy is and it's not the Republicans. It's the left. Sadly, there are still a lot of liberal sheep out there who are still under the mistaken impression that the Democrats are their allies or that the DNC can be reformed.

At least with Republicans in office, there is a clear enemy. Democrats are the smiling "friend" who gains your trust then stabs you in the back. Until enough people figure that out, the shit in the bowl will remain unflushed.

there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

And this is the Democratic model they push onto the ‘savages’. Of the world.

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More people need to discuss this angle if we want change.

Dem = Rep = Dem = Rep = The War Party = Dem = Rep, repeat.

:-) oe oeoe oe aaaaahaaaaa it's just an ILLUSION

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