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You may be familiar with crisis actors: people paid to act like there is a situation so that the press reports on it. The American-Israeli lobby, AIPAC, is famous for doing that because it can draw actors from its own community while other members of the same community control the media. But now check this: terror actors. People paid to convince Arabs and Muslims living in Europe to join a terrorist group. Who would benefit? The same lobby previously mentioned.

It's not only about sending them away: it's about making those who stay look like they are terrorists. That way every law enforcement will scrutinize their every move. And while that happens guess what's going on.
You're getting screwed. Hello! People are defecating in the streets! That's not how things were before the war on terror! But the news were keeping everyone busy watching for the evil Arab-looking man on his way to work.

Muslims are good at one thing: organizing the poor. Now you can already see how Wall Street would like to see that happen in the US of A. After decades of busting trade unions, undoing social security, and making millions of American and European families go from middle-class to divorce as a result of financial hardships, well... here we are. They pay people to play the ISIS sales guy and try to get as many as they can to believe that all Muslims are terrorists. To believe that Arabs are the danger. To hide the obvious and painful truth that this war on terror is a pure show. That they have the full control of terrorist wannabies, that they train them and deploy them when and where they want them.

This task force is used for deniability. The French have had a history of privateering that reflects itself in the foreign legion in some sense, so that when someone dies the news anchor says that an allied combatant died. It's easier from a political perspective. No need to appear in the media to justify the war, face the anti-war movement, receive the grieving mothers. Privateers were to piracy what Isis is to terrorism. Doing the bidding of a foreign nation that did not want to disclose its identity in making the move on the opponent. Cloak-and-dagger stuff if you will.

But wait, there's more!

People wouldn't believe it if they didn't do anything bad so... wait for it... false-flags! There's nothing like recruiting a bunch of young Muslims to turn them against the very people who gave them a place to live and alienate the population in the process. After gunning down a public venue like in Paris, now they're very bad. They probably went from poor suburbs to learn how to use an ak-47 somewhere in Turkey, Irak or Syria, then were sent back to gun down a group of party-goers. Cheap. Effective. The press loved it. Everyone would look in disbelief, the result of opening borders to the poor and the destitute. The far-right never did so good in a long while!

Now what does that do? Every Arab guy with a pair of balls will be barred from engaging in politics. Just claim that he supports terrorism and only candidates supporting the American Israeli lobby get in the race. This is how political power is taken away from the people to the lobby. It's not pretty but that's how it is. I couldn't help but wonder how it got so far when they accused Tulsi Gabbard of supporting Assad. I mean they clearly belong somewhere I won't mention but it's far away from politics.

When you remember that Prescott Bush funded the Nazi party through the Union Banking Corporation, that the Fed was created a year before WWI, or that the Soviets always claimed that they never started the Cold War, it doesn't seem like there's a way out of this mess. You can see the connection to the Fed.

There is nothing a half-Arab man can do by himself against that, is there?

To see the video I'm referring to where the guy loses his speech please check my flote account


"There is nothing a half-man can do by himself against that, is there?"

I note half men don't exist except metaphorically, and actual people do themselves act to be secure from violence per their best understanding. Technology continues to advance across all industries, including security, and people that do not adopt necessary means to provide security almost always do not grasp facts that recommend doing so.

Your post is the best way to enable people to be more secure, as it directly enables people to determine their need to secure their persons, property, and communities themselves, by revealing institutions cannot be relied on to do so for them.


Sorry that was probably auto-correct when I forget to put capital letters. It's changed to what it was supposed to be now. But I agree with the 2nd part of the comment entirely!

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