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********EDIT: It's back online**************

After krautchan, 8chan and kohlchan, it is now the turn for to experience difficulties. While relatively smaller than 8chan, this is where some of the 8chan community migrated after the shutdown - allegedly because somebody posted a manifesto and a Rabbi was injured. The real reason why it went down was the mounting evidence gathered by its users that significantly compromised existing chains of events presented to the public as conspiracy theories following a leaked memo introduced on /pol/ as:

"Declassified FBI BulletinAnonymous08/01/19 (Thu) 20:35:07978521No.13556065
Anti-Government, Identity Based, and Fringe Political Conspiracy Theories Very Likely Motivate Some Domestic Extremists to Commit Criminal, Sometimes Violent Activity
(released May 30, 2019)

The FBI assesses anti-government, identity based, and fringe political conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace over the near term, fostering anti-government sentiment, promoting racial and religious prejudice, increasing political tensions, and occasionally driving both groups and individuals to commit criminal or violent acts. Because some conspiracy theories are highly partisan in nature, political developments, including those surrounding major election cycles such as the 2020 presidential election, likely will impact the direction of these conspiracy theories and the potential activities of extremists who subscribe to them over the long term.
Another factor driving the intensity of conspiracy theorizing in the United States, and the subsequent threat from conspiracy-minded extremists, is the uncovering of real conspiracies or cover-ups involving illegal, harmful, or unconstitutional activities by government officials or leading political figures.
Indicators that these scenarios are emerging include disrupted plots or successful attacks against popular conspiracy theory targets, such as government facilities, synagogues, mosques, or partisan political figures. Additionally, reports of a sudden rise in threats and unfounded accusations against a given individual or business may indicate impending conspiracy theory-driven crime or violence.
Will take 4 posts to post images. Hopefully I don't get flooded."

Kohlchan went down (officially) due to a manifesto being shared after a shootout at a Synagogue in Halle, Germany. The compromising material circulated around that time was about the extinction rebellion movement being a sham. It included a video showing diesel generators powering a meeting event taking place to decrease carbon emissions to zero, as well as a doll hastily arranged to look like Greta Thunberg being hanged from an Italian bridge during her visit in this country.


Its predecessor, Krautchan, went down 2 weeks before 8chan encountered difficulties earlier in the year, as displayed by some 8chan leftovers remaining on search engines.


By now you should see the common denominator between the two events. In both 8 and Kohlchan, a Jewish place of worship was used to orchestrate a false-flag event in order to shut down image boards where users gathered and discussed information about how the public opinion was essentially being manipulated by major financial interests, press agencies, and government agencies - FBI and CIA in particular. The legitimacy for preventing complete strangers from gathering data and analyzing its meaning in a broader context is being provided by false-flag events, which speaks volumes about the relationship between these agencies and Jewish communities through the world.

The last iteration occurred today. This time the site was rather obscure and far from having many users. It did nonetheless have a conversation about the global implications of the Green movement. I will post the data gathered here should anyone find a use for it later on (if data archaeology becomes a thing after we all die). I don't think they'll bother setting up another false-flag on this one due to the relative arcane nature of the site but keep an eye out just in case.

The following report can be interpreted as a request for increased budget in defense spending:

The following report provides a good amount of details about the movement led by this young woman and what it actually is:


Now if you still have any doubt that these agencies are engaged in setting the global narrative according to what they want, just remember that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published a report according to which the CIA paid 500M$ to a British PR firm so that it could produce videos displaying acts of terrorism. You never heard of it and instead were told that Kim Kardashian and her husband had their jewelry stolen while in Paris.

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