How the Deep State Recruits People

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This is an informative summary about how the "dark" side (deep state, as some call it) directly recruits people into their secret cults of psychopathic tyrants working for world domination.

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”
― Frederick Douglass

I wish to share this information that I feel is important to know, at least to those who seek to understand the current state of the world and how to go about actually resolving its main root of destruction. The information here may seem radical to some, but unfortunately is a very real problem. The "recruitment" these elitist groups use is a series of ritualistic methods of manipulating and traumatizing to break and control people's minds (usually as children). This has been going on for many generations.

This is information that is being exposed now more than ever, and I want to leave a link to a database of testimonies from those who have survived and witnessed direct techniques of programs such as MKUltra from these elitist groups as well as the International Tribunal for Natural Justice which has begun a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse to reveal this information. It is here the reader can find further information about the cases I am receiving much of this information from.

I have witnessed firsthand the result of a family that has been indoctrinated into one of these cults, which is what has driven me to do this research. It is surely disturbing and hard to process, yet it is a darkness that must absolutely come out of hiding to be shown and transformed in the light.

I therefore find this to be important work for those who choose: to understand the core programming of the largest criminally insane groups in this world which seek to dominate the beautiful human race and what to do with this information.

The Cycle of Ritualistic Child Abuse

The apparatus of the elite is one that is not easy for an honest, good person to digest. It is many generations of child torture and mind control, resulting in a cycle of broken and truly disturbed adults that get no pleasure out of anything that isn't severely wicked and go on to perpetuate this cycle. It is still hard to say how many families and countless children have been abducted into these underground programs and groomed into "illuminati slaves", "super soldiers" and such.

This horrendous system goes deeper into our daily society than many may realize. CIA projects such as Operation Mockingbird, Operation Paperclip, and of course MKUltra are generations deep into action and have taken a large effect on the world we live in. We are seeing the fruits of these projects and how they have forged terror and confusion deep into the psyches of millions, on many different levels. In 2019, the results of these programs are becoming more tangible than ever.

In a nutshell, victims that are involved in underground mind-control programs such as these, knowingly or unknowingly, are severely traumatized by old tried and true methods of ritualistic torture as a child. These rituals and experiments are usually done before the child psyche is very developed and is purposely designed to split the psyche by creating a situation so traumatic they are forced to disassociate. When they disassociate multiple times, different personality complexes are made in the psyche and this is one of the ways in which the perpetrators are able to control people to do their assignments for them while the victims may have no conscious memories of it. It is not uncommon for these happenings to be ritualistic in nature (usually Satanic) and done by family members. Many times the victims, foundationally disturbed, go on to be perpetrators themselves, enslaving children and perpetuating this generational cycle of fear and hatred.

The evil tentacles of these elitists are not exclusive to their own bloodlines (which of course also are traumatically programmed as children). It is worth mentioning that throughout the decades many people have been abducted and indoctrinated into these cults. Some were orphans, poor families, military children, etc. and there are "sleeper cell" indoctrinated MKUltra slaves scattered throughout the whole country with all kinds of assignments.

It should also be said that there are many different ways to traumatize and program a human psyche, especially a child, and the perpetrators of these programs like to experiment with different techniques, different kinds of "soldiers", and for many different functions in these programs. These assignments may range from assassination and combat to PR stunts in the media to muling drugs for the CIA. Again, sometimes the victims have no conscious idea of the assignments they are carrying out, as there are indeed techniques of triggering their disassociated personalities to carry out the assignments they are given, mind-wiping, drugging, planting chips, etc. The victims of these programs are deeply enslaved.

This has been being exposed more than ever as some of the surviving victims get older and their memories begin to surface. Across the board, many of the survivors and whistleblowers of these programs that have come forward speak of their experiences consistently.

These brave whistleblowers are revealing disturbing but telling information about what is really happening in elitist circles. It is revealing the truth behind the pedophilia, the mass child abduction, the human trafficking, the mind-control, the agenda of these globalists, the sex-abuse, the worshiping of Satan, the destruction of the earth and humanity, and so on.

It was shocking for me to accept that even in a place like rural Ohio, I came across a family that is indoctrinated into one of these cults and secretly works on assignments to serve this agenda. If they are conscious of it or not, I do not know. I say this not to stir up paranoia, but to portray the genuine awareness of how old and evolved these programs are in 2019.

The Real Question for Humanity

While it is perhaps not surprising that Satanic cult ritualistic abuse is at the core of all these elitist groups and agendas, what are we supposed to do with this information? This is the question that prompts my heart when I learn of the terrible programs that have been going on this planet and enslaving countless children and people.

Foundation for Re-Claiming Your Power

To be sure, what is happening here on Earth is a spiritual battle. It always has been. The masses of people have been so deceived by the bread and circuses of society they have lost touch with their own origins, history, and purpose. This was obviously done purposefully and has weakened our race immensely into believing we are something we are not. The degeneration of culture and manipulation of meaningful truth is an attack on the human spirit. We must tune in with our souls again to not only break this programming, but to be able to invoke and shine the kind of light that is needed on this darkness. I believe, in time, we will do just that.

More abstractly, this is a battle between light and dark: the brilliant enlightenment of human beings and the empty darkness of ignorance. The elitists are in fact dark occultists that brainwash and indoctrinate people, worship satanic gods, manipulate reality, and carry out horrendous crimes against humanity. They are the epitome of the shadow ego of the collective consciousness of humanity. They are pure ignorance and degeneration. They are completely rebelling against God, in the sense they are refuting and rejecting the value of human life (and all life in general), severing off meaningful truths, and attempting to create their own artificial breakaway civilization through the use of violence, enslavement, and manipulation. While they may have only directly targeted a fraction of humanity in these projects, their programming is mass level. They have used government, entertainment, and religion to break down the spirits of humanity and leave them in a confused, dazed state of powerlessness and amnesia.

That being said, the darkness is nowhere near as powerful as they have tried to appear. Their power is an illusion. This is why they must manipulate and infiltrate, for without the energy of the masses they would collapse overnight. In fact, manipulation and infiltration is all they have, know, and are. This is powerful information to understand, for these groups are not inherently potent, as they have manipulated us to think.

This is an important truth to comprehend deeply if you seek to digest the heavy information that is being exposed here. It is imperative in these times that people remember the power of their own light and free will: the power of knowledge, awareness, and spirituality. It is time to take down these cults and hold them accountable for their crimes. If we are up against those who must worship and work in the darkness, our only option is to shine the brightest light fathomable upon them for all to see. I can assure you nothing disturbs these people more than the light. A human being that has freed their mind from the paradigm of this programming is powerfully unstoppable. For we have creative, God-given gifts that have been long forgotten and as we can see here, used against us. This is demonstratively our greatest force, which is why they have tried to take it away from us. They have made a race that is inestimably powerful believe they are hopelessly weak. It has been a self-fulfilling prophecy. However the information now being revealed is a landmark that will change the world. Their matrix is beginning to crack, and as it does the truth will pour through strong as ever. These kinds of things do take time to process, so we must not be discouraged if results are not instant. There are effective ways for an individual to go about resolving this in time.

Direct Strategies

Being able to have the full awareness of this difficult truth in the first place of what is happening in these circles is a great and brave start, for it is all too easy to look the other way when presented with disturbing information such as this. This information is already being exposed more everyday, as news of these terrible crimes are slowly rising to the surface of the masses for the first time ever. It is important to realize that none of this is actually "news", it is very old but only now is it being revealed. The spreading of this information is slow but sure.

The next step beyond awareness is processing this information in a way that does not bring fear to you. For these people are the very incarnation of fear and resentment. They are literally programmed to live in constant hatred which is why they do what they do, and they seek to bring fear and resentment to others in any form. Therefore to allow these fearful beings to bring us more fear or hatred is unwise and will never properly serve us no matter how justified it feels to the ego. To rid the Earth of this problem and be uncontrollable, we must rise higher than ever consciously. And so it becomes more apparent the greatest disobedience towards them in this spiritual battle: true enlightenment. Cultivate a strong and free-thinking mind, and encourage all you love to do the same so that they may not be controlled by manipulation

If we seek to be uncontrollable, there is no room for fear in our hearts and minds against these weak parasites. We must understand how fear is their greatest tool, and always has been. Easier said than done, but certainly imperative to truly overcome this nightmare. We must evolve and cultivate this kind of strength and wisdom. We must understand the kind of psychological warfare that has allowed all of this madness to ensue in the first place.

When we can truly understand our power and that these miserable and insane creatures have been the greatest victims of their own destruction, it becomes easier to have compassion and forgiveness for even the perpetrators who were once victims as well. It is a cycle of manipulation and fear that has been in action by the most unconscious and mad people fathomable. When as a race we no longer are afraid of them, we take back complete control and recognize them for the pathetic, weak, cowardice worms they are.

That being said, beyond this important energetic transformation in dealing with this issue is how to go about bringing true justice physically to those who have been perpetrating this evil. It is possible to have forgiveness for the criminally insane, yet still bring just punishment to those who have committed these crimes. It must be stopped. Countless children are being bought and sold at the expense of these groups. It is still challenging to me to think of the best punishment for such demented and psychopathic evil, but this is indeed a question humanity will have to start asking in upcoming times as these truths are fully revealed.

Again, this IS a spiritual battle. If the mechanisms of the dark is fear, hate, manipulation, ignorance, and withholding of information then our mechanism of light MUST be truth, knowledge, wisdom, love, and spreading information. The way of the dark is to control the mind, but those who have awakened to their own light cannot be controlled.


And so I leave this article with a very important truth. Light is more powerful than dark. This is an eternal axiom that will always, in time, reign true. The dark could have never pulled off these crimes alone, that is why they must use manipulation to make others do it for them. Darkness alone is not powerful. We need not give them any more credit than that. They know how to manipulate and infiltrate truth, which has worked for a while but it will no longer work for enlightened and brilliant beings who choose to free their mind.

This is why one of the most fundamental ways every single individual can impact the world right now is by freeing their mind of the programming of this fabricated, self-sabotaging society. Self-discovery is a revolutionary act in a world where people have completely forgotten who they are and have accepted a totally false narrative forged by those who wish to enslave our minds. If you know who you are, you cannot be controlled, and you are another piece of the renegade for freeing humanity.

The masses have been programmed, through all kinds of forms, to believe they are pointless, disconnected, meaningless, ugly, insecure, weak creatures. There is no doubt about that. This programming is the greatest obstacle we face, because no one can make you more powerless than yourself by believing (even unconsciously) that you are worthless. The mental programming of the State has been its greatest asset, yet when people are strong enough in their mind they will no longer be able to be programmed. The journey of self-discovery will teach you that each individual is indeed a spark of the Divine Source and has infinite worth and empowerment. This is a self-evident truth that only the manipulation of psychopaths can make you forget.

In fact we are extremely powerful and nothing excites me more than watching humans wake up to this truth. Through practices of self-discovery, as individuals and groups of individuals alike, we can begin to remember who we really are again, remember our divine origins, remember our real connection with the intelligent universe which has been mentally programmed away from us for too long through government and religion. This is how we take the power back.

The darkness is simply ignorance, and so the greatest defense and offense of it is light (information). The darkness only has the power you give it by believing in it. When it's parasitic weakness becomes clear in the light, there is truly nothing to fear.

Collective Transformation

There will be an intense shift when the masses learn and transform the hard truths I speak of in this article. We will not only see and learn from the wicked mechanism of this old paradigm, but we will see and experience the power we all have again so strongly we will consciously launch ourselves into a new and high paradigm that WE choose to create.

Thanks for reading-would appreciate all feedback!
Take care everyone!

Further Information:


hmm very interesting from a theological perspective, I would just add to not forget the spirtiual battle... so the first one (the first creature of God in the creation) is mightly powerful.... laugh and cry... laugh because all it's enemies have become nothing second cry because they can only die. To understand that know that its enemies can only become so by betraying themselves and so God.

And the enemies of God perish... ohhh some have long live... how many days? and who of those have less currency units than their entire live days, hours and some even seconds... but still... waste... or learning materials...

this is the darkess path, or truth, or lie, because I don't know... I can only guess :D and maybe I am right, there is a chance, and in this case, how could I not laugh :).

I say that because once the imposed cognitive framework is removed, there comes the real question...

a watch the universe... sunrises, sunsets, life... and you will see... they can pretend to be powerful, what can they do against death? and death, if you think comes naturally at least after the first one... and as the first one, seems to be near... it's clear... they are 2... at least...


and they believe one named gibirl... hmmm... he said it himself, he isn't the first... so it makes 3... or maybe 2... because one already died :).

Loving or understanding the creation of the creator? some said, it may be a crime, or a waste, who knows, are they the creator? ahaha !

and then, when you can ask yourself, such question, their shenigans, like unisex toilets, vaping or what ever become quite futile, little valueless games... but sometimes, useful, as the complexity of the creation is beyond what even the first one could understand... while knowing certainly way more than all could understand but one.

who is this last one? you see? If I see first... you should get it, the creator... but who is the first ? the first creature...

ohhh humility of the mightest...

ok... seems to be slippery path...

peace and peace out !

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