Ian Balina And The Human Stupidity Challenge

in news •  7 months ago

Earlier today the degenerate human shiller that you see above announced that he has been hacked. This "hacking" comes 1 day shy from the official deadline for reporting taxes.

This human piece of trash, along with 90% of youtube shitcoiners, were the perfect signal back in December for people to sell. They were also the best indication that the space is polluted with shit that just want to scam people. I am not talking about the exception to the rule. These guys are the rule. The people chasing the technology and the ideal of decentralization are very few in comparison. This is why everywhere you see "lambo, moon, pump" that tag along some buzzwords that not even the developers know how to use in a sentence.

If you have been following Balina you would have spotted obvious tells about his character. From the fact that he admitted that he would not stop to anything to be successful to the 6-figure slave narrative. He continued having thousands of followers who couldn't figure out who he was and many icos chose to sponsor their project by giving him free tokens. He was shilling something and then went on to dump on their asses.

A few hours after he was "hacked" he made a tweet about the funds being transferred to Kucoin when the funds didn't actually arrive there yet. The "hacker" addresses are all internal even tagged with the names "Balina hack 1,2,3,4". He couldn't even fake his own hacking. Too complicated I guess for a degenerate that claims to have "hacked life". Heck, no hacker would have taken several minutes for the transfer to happen considering that the network was completely free.

I am not sure what his end game would be. I imagine he will vanish and perhaps open a donation address to get even more coins since he practically sold most bottoms before. He might even think that the IRS will turn a blind eye since he was hacked. Little does he know that the IRS don't care about scammy niggas. They would even tax a transfer from your paper wallet to your ledger. Oh yeah, didn't I tell you? He had more than two million in crypto yet he had no hardware wallet. He actually expects people to believe that he had his funds in MEW with a key that was stored in an evernote file. Sure Balina. Sounds legit.

Perhaps he is hoping to see, yet again, how moronic people still are and what that the average shitcoiner is so stupid that would buy any story. Balinas will come and go. They go silent when the times get tough and pop up again when there is euphoria. We saw it in Steemit as well and we see it over and over again everywhere.

Its not that people don't want to learn. These guys become famous because much like politicians and every other asshole that rules us, most people aspire to be them or is them but in a much lesser magnitude. Whatever we see out there trending is nothing but the very representation of the masses that snowballs into Balinas, Vigilantes, Trevors, Vers you name it. We get exactly what we deserve over and over again.

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This is such a good post, I can totally relate to your opinion. All his act looks like a cheap soap-opera!
Ian Balina hacking is so so fake.

cheers @kyriacos

Haha that was a good one and I totally agree. We don't need scam people who do the research for us and why should we care if he got hacked anyway. I think the IRS is smart enough to figure out the mess according to his youtube channel. But what I didn/t like in your post is the expression "scammy niggas" whatever you tried to tell us with that statement you should have expressed it differently. There is no reason to go after his skin colour, and I guess you are smart enough not to take you down to this level, so would be good if you correct that in my opinion!!!

I am not worried about money, it was just $2 million.

Yeah this whole "I was hacked" thing has been played out. Ryan Hildreth did it, Tanner J Fox did it, Trevon, Craig, the list goes on and on. It's either to try to avoid taxes or for views and shock value but its laughable.

when i first heard about it, i felt bad for the man, as noone deserves to get hacked. Your post makes me rethink that statement though. :)