Hello, Hopeum. Scientists Name New Element On The Periodic Table

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It's time to update your copy of the periodic table. With the recent surge of cryptocurrencies and then its expected downturn, a new element was discovered as users shifted their power from within, channeling it into hope.

Hopeum, as it was named, is a noob element that results naturally as one Hodl's (from holding) to their shitcoin while the market takes a dive. It has been extremely hard to identify since 2013 but now its prevalence has become so dominant that it had to be listed to the periodic table of elements.

The entry on the periodic table of the elements is filled is and autographed by twitter and telegram shitcoin shillers. Their research team discovered and promoted the new element as it became evident that most altcoins are going to shit and some whales that needed to escape their market had to provide a narrative.

The IUPAC lets the discoverers of an element submit permanent names. Rules say they have to fall into one of five categories — a new element can be named after a mythological concept or character, a mineral or substance, a place or geographic region, a property of the element, or a shitcoiner.

That's how we get nihonium, discovered by scientists at the RIKEN Nishina, Moscovium that was proposed by its discoverers at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, which is near Moscow and tennessine that point to scientific contributions from Tennessee.

Hopeum battled with Rogerverium, coming from the prominent Bitcoin Jesus but failed. Maximalists insisted that carrying the prominent Bitcoiner's name might self sabotage them since Bitcoin kills babies.

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hope [noun]:

  1. archaic: trust
  2. delayed disappointment

The Hopeum of the people... 😂

😂 👍
You have a good sense of humor! But the name this element has a different meaning.
The Japanese can be offended.

hahaha! Please tell me this is a joke! :D

I just can't...as someone who used to study chemistry...I simply can't