Newborn two-faced cat Janus

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In many respects Betty Bi is similar to the usual newborn cat. She has four legs, two ears and one tail. But the similarity ends. After all, Betty is known as "the cat-Janus" is called the cat with two faces.

Additional muzzle Betty is the result of an extremely rare congenital condition — craniofacial duplication

After the birth of Betty the owner knew she would need extra help. So he immediately went to a specialist with experience of caring for cats with special needs.

"She was born on December 12, and I went for it the next morning, — said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. That day I took her to the vet and he immediately offered to euthanize the cat. But at one day old she was very energetic. We decided to give her a chance".

Although the two-faced cat like Betty, of course, is an anomaly, there is a chance she will grow up and live a healthy life: a well-known case, when the cat-Janus named Frank and Louie passed away after 14 years.

It is possible that because of the love and care Betty can live no less.



God give it health and again he became like her mother

Such an adorable pet you have..thanks for sharing

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