Web Servers DDOS Attacked Again!

in news •  9 months ago

Anyone having issues accessing the site this morning can blame whomever is responsible for a somewhat powerful DDOS (distributed denail of service) attack which started a few hours back. Steemit Inc has been battling the assault which in it's peak saw over 150K requests a second being pointed at the front end servers used to share the Steemit website.

Mitigation of the DDOS is underway and more web servers are being brought online in order to get the site back to operation status. @sneak has been working his ass off the past few hours trying to get us up and running again. Hopefully soon all regions will have access.

Alternative STEEM Platforms

In the event is down you can use the sites as well as to view, post and transfer just as you do here. In the future more platforms are likely to become popular. The two mentioned above are from trusted developers. Be cautious of other sites or steemit clones..

They may be phishing sites to steal your password.


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Maybe this is the downside of getting some publicity. The bad guys may try to blackmail steemit. I hope the team can beat them. I'm using esteem for now


It shows that Steemit is on the right track...the frequency of attack says that they are doing something right...long-term it would make this project more robust and better equipped for the mass adoption, I see these things as blessings...


Only appears to be under attack. I had no problem using busy and esteem. Busy is a much better choice.


I believe this would be swiftly solved, Its only an eye opener to build a more efficient system to resist similar attacks, It would be solved.


I tried to download the esteem app on android, but it has been giving me some challenges with logging in, I don't know if that is a general challenge


I logged in ages ago. You can try asking for help on one of their posts @esteemapp


No problem I'll do that. Thanks

How many times does this make? I'm curious, because if it's multiple downages that usually points to a blackmail via DDoS, and one of the administrators should have gotten a blackmail message, or will be soon.


Second or third that I've heard of.

It is still ongoing? Wow... any end in sight? ... I guess nobody knows

thank you for informations..

I can think of a few ex-steemians wanting to do this sorta BS

I'm sure will be online and running. These things make the network stronger, as it gets immune to these kinds of attacks. Let's just hope the team can handle the technical part of it.

yes it's down for almost 2 to 3 hrs but now it's working, i hope the devs soon create a proper plan to tackle this because some DDOS attacks are so harmful.

yes @klue, once again attack of DDOS their on, very bad, i hope that steemit management should do proper action. thanks
if you have information to any other source to open that .

Thank you for the information @klye, this is very important news for me and all, I will give this news to all my friends, so they are not wrong in doing all activities here, I am also afraid my password will fall into the hands of others.

Thanks Klye. I was only just now able to access my account. The bad guys are definitely to blame. But the Steemit technical team will have to learn how to protect the servers. Downtime is never good. Fingers crossed they can get a handle on this.

Thank you for your best warning and information. we are back in Indonesia

These attacks are becoming more and more common, i hope steemit devs to find a way to prevent it in the future.

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. We have to used some more modern technique like DDoS protection service and even more advance technique to protect Steemit.


Thanks for the update! I'm on the main steemit page now and haven't had any problems the past 10-15 mins. BIG THANKS to the DEVS who keep things operational!

Esteem mobile app also works.

oh i know now why i cant access my account awhile ago.

Thanks for sharing these alternatives :D

I can not seem to open my account. I was inflamed. I think my account is hacked @klye

thanks for sharing :)

I thought my connection was acting up, Thanks for the post. Good to know our tech hero's are on the job and installing more servers. Life is Good
thanks to a resteem from @aggroed I found you ( fellow Canadian & timely information posts ) Now watching for more.

Yea...under attack again even few minute ago but i know the team will handle it.

It's Facebook! I knew the Zucker would never sit idly by while Steemit grew.

Hi klye, voted for you as witness.. love the work.. I am a new witness on the block..;-) I hope you check it out and maybe, consider to vote for me as witness

Maybe it's trying the old digital protection racket to get steemit as a customer..
In other news.. Have you thought about becoming a cloudflare customer? DDOS protection as standard ;)

i think this is one of the situations where the steem platform shines. The fact that the main blockchain is separated from the front end site means that if one front end is down, you can use another one.

Some evidence it was actually a DDOS with "over 150K requests a second" would help make this post more credible.


I got my dick slapped for making the information public already... Feel free to ask Steemit Inc CTO for more info.


Just curious. Who's the CTO now that Dan left? Thanks.


I believe it's sneak!

@klye thank you for these infos. Just asked me if my network connectivity was responsible for the unresponsive behaviour. Now it makes sense. Cheers.

I know it's not as good, but everyone seems to leave esteem off the list. Is there a reason for this?

I've been using it for the past couple of months and it hasn't really been an issue for me and the randome upvotes I got were really nice.

Yes a few problems but is all understandable and acceptable as is still in beta
I will vote for you as a Witness
Have a great time Steeming

Here's what i think happened, it's probably the work of a competitor, there are so many new players in pipeline building on steem blockchain. What better way to introduce an alternative by taking the steemit down, I hope the steemit team fights it.

@klye robotic son is already going through his terrible twos. Wow, they grow up so fast on the blockchain.

Good on you old son for putting this information out! A lot of people have been experiencing FUD over this situation.

No worries, it will all work out. We just need to ensure we have counter-measures in place. As you stated,

Be cautious of other sites or steemit clones..
They may be phishing sites to steal your password.

Good looking out. @sargento

Interesting post; as a cybersecurity consultant myself this kind of thing interests me, thx for sharing, following!

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