This is not a miracle, It is not a dream, But it is a true reality: 12 teenage footballer rescues Thailand.

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The world's attention was in Thailand's pillar Luang caves. Brave diver rescue 13 people who were arrested for 17 days. After the rescue of the teenagers on Tuesday, the joy of joy after the release of 90 divers all came out in Thailand. Many people in the world have expressed relief

But the rescue people say it was dangerous to get out of the caves of teenagers. Tension-free medicine was provided to keep them calm. Then the divers brought them out of their cave.

The rescue operation was quite dangerous. Photo: The Reuters campaign was quite dangerous. Photo: Reuters
According to the BBC report, the duckers of Thailand's 12 teenage footballers and their coach were rescued from the remote pillar Luang Guha. They were stuck there in the dark for 17 days. Did not know swimming The fear of their life was created.

After the rescue, 12 teenagers and their coaches are now undergoing treatment at the hospital. Doctors see if they have any type of infection. Besides, their mental condition is being reviewed.

But how did they get out of that cave? Experts say the operation was complex. On the one hand, physical ability was needed, as it was necessary to have mental strength. There was a need to give drugs to keep children mentally calm in those circumstances.

Thailand's Prime Minister, Preet Chan-Ochha made it clear that teenage drugs were given to them. But they were not unconscious.

The Thai Prime Minister at a press conference in Bangkok said, 'They were not sensed with chloroform. If they gave chloroform how they came out? It is called angiologist. So that they are not excited.

Rescuers say that there are different types of risks in different caves. If someone gets into trouble, you can not move like open in the ocean, like swimming. Because, when there is a narrow area, the journey will end. The difficult challenge of the Luang Cave is that there is a point in the water near the beginning of the journey whose height is 38 centimeters and it is only 72 centimeters wide.

The boys were brought out under the supervision of divers under the mask. In the situation of flashlight that is not seen in mud-water, they have brought children out of the house carefully after keeping them cold.

Researchers have been conducting various examinations in the ward of quarters hospital. Their eyes, nutritional levels, mental status, blood samples will be tested.

The children's glass is separated into the walls. Not allowed to meet the family right now. They are suspected to have pneumonia or bacterial problems.
12 teenagers and their coach were trapped inside the cave 17 days in the dark. Photo: Reuters: 12 teenage footballers and their coaches were stuck in the dark for 17 days in the cave. Photo: Reuters

At a press conference with Chiang Rai's press, a medical official said that the fatal fever, light cough and heart rate decreased at first were reduced. Lung infection was detected as both of the 'cave diseases'.

Rescuers said, "There is a danger of all kinds of diseases in the cave. There the disease spreads from bats, polluted water. Everything in the cave is dirty Urine, blood and skin sampling can be seen. Treatment with fungicide.

Doctors say they have to stay in the hospital for more than a week. But since they are children, they will recover. Everyone is happy to be able to come out.
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Doctors say they are very hungry. All kinds of food want to eat. But they are only given to the food they can digest. They stand up and eat. There is nothing to worry about. They are looking for bread and chocolate. They like footballers and their immune system.

Rescue operation successfully concluded on Tuesday. Photo: ReutersMonglebar rescue operation ends successfully. Photo: Reuters
From June 23 till now, the 12-year-old footballer, and his 25-year-old coach were trapped in the league no-no-cave in the hill area of ​​the jungle hilly area adjacent to National Park in Chiang Rai city of Thailand.

After reaching them with nine days of effort, the rescue authorities started the final campaign to expel the party after six days.

The main reason for not being able to retrieve so much of the day was due to the severe flooding in the cave and the unfavorable structure of the passage of the cave.

Rescuers are being treated at Chiang Rai Hospital. The last rescuer was seen to be taken to the hospital. The Thai Prime Minister has confirmed the treatment of the Thai Prime Minister.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, congratulated the people involved in the rescue because they bravely saved all through safely. Besides, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Donald Trump, Spanish royalty, Bhutanese Prime Minister Tsering Tobag, technologist Elon Mask and others praised the rescue workers.
News from: Prothom-Alo.

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