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With no shelter and only wild berries and mushroom a lady from Louisville spent a whole month in the forest. Lisa Theris was noticed by a motorist driving on Highway 82 as she emerged from acres of dense woods in Alabama last weekend after one month of her disappearance.
The 25 year old Lisa is alive and well. She lost 50 pounds during her time in the woods and was covered in scratches and bug bites.

She also had no phone, purse, or shoes and was located in thousands of acres of isolated forests with no houses or roads nearby. Some say it's a miracle that she survived that long out there.

Courtesy; Daily Mail


That's a really long time to be lost lol 😂

I notice she didn't have here shoes on her anymore, people familiar with David Paulides "missing 411" investigation know that is a tell tale sign there could be more to it then just someone who got lost and wandered around.

But that all depends on what she has to say and if she remembers what she did and where she was those 28 days. To me it sounds a bit unlikely then when you enter a forest and you get lost you manage to stay lost for 28 days.

you are definitely saying something...

I suppose you could also say the berries she ate relates to Missing411 mystery. It sure is an intriguing phenomenon that David Paulides discovered. I read several of his books and saw the movie. This woman who got lost was smart and lucky......one "bad" mushroom would have been it.

How did she end up in that predicament?

Was about to ask. Report looks incomplete

details not disclosed...

weird journalism :)

It is the daily mail....

i pondered on same question...

Something sounds fishy

i think i smell it too

She looks tired but much more healthy
I dont find her pic on the left attractive at all but on the right she looks bright eyed and real

I agree. She has a plastic feel on the left pic of her.

So sad condition

wow that's scary, i'm glad she is safe and alive

yes, thankfully she is safe and sound