Cryptocurrency Headlines on Week 36, 2018 - Part 3

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Cryptocurrency Headlines on Week 36, 2018 - Part 3

1. Ethereum Creator Believes Days of 1000x Crypto Growth is Gone CCN
2. South Africa’s Central Bank Wins Award for its Ethereum Payments Blockchain CCN
3. WNBA Players Association Inks Deal With Sports Streaming ICO CCN
4. A Billion People Will Be Using Cryptocurrency in 5 Years: Brian Armstrong CCN
5. Uzbekistan is Licensing Crypto Exchanges, Mining Centers, and ICOs CCN
6. Crypto Exchange Giant Binance Outlines Plans to Expand in Africa CCN
7. Former PayPal COO Joins Security Token Startup 0x in Advisory Capacity CCN
8. Binance Hires IPO Heavyweight as CFO, Fueling Rumors the Exchange is Going Public CCN
9. Trump’s New SEC Hire Boosts Possibility of Bitcoin ETF CCN
10. ‘Fake News’: CFO Says Goldman Sachs is Not Ditching Bitcoin Trading Desk CCN
11. Hong Kong Startup to Battle Revolving Credit with Asia’s First Crypto Visa Debit Cards CCN
12. Thailand’s Blockchain Solar Power Producers Face Extra Fees to Offset State Utility Losses CCN
13. Australian Watchdog Will Monitor Crypto Exchanges, ICOs Under Market Rules CCN
14. Crypto Giant Huboi Partners Singapore Trade Union to Promote Blockchain Skills CCN
15. Australian Startup to Enable Users Invest in Crypto with Spare Change CCN
16. 80% of Americans are Aware of Bitcoin, Study Reveals CCN
17. Crypto Exchange Circle Recruits Former Homeland Security Official as Legal Chief CCN
18. Houston Rockets’ Billionaire Owner Accepts Bitcoin at Luxury Car Dealership CCN
19. $112 Billion Korean Money Manager Asks for Goldman Sachs’ Crypto Experts CCN
20. Iran Legitimizes Crypto Mining Industry, Bitcoin Price Spikes to $24,000 Locally CCN
21. Scaling Adoption: Southeast Asia’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Adds 4 Million Users in 2018 CCN
22. TransferGo Launches Instant Payments to India with Ripple Blockchain Tech CCN
23. [Only] Bitcoin Accepted: $3 Million Valletta Palazzo Mansion Goes on Sale in Malta CCN
24. ‘A Huge Step Forward’: Bahrain Minister Hails Blockchain Technology, Urges Adoption CCN

The above headlines were abstracted from various websites and presented to the viewers for easier access.

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