Investors in crypto-currencies remain a minority compared to the global currency market.

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A recent survey conducted by the Monex Group found that the number of investors in crypto-currencies remains very low compared to the total number of investors in the world.
These are some important facts revealed by this survey:

  • Only 3% in Japan and Europe versus 10% in China invest in crypto-currency.
  • Japanese investors are however more familiar with digital currencies.
  • About 20% of all investors in China and the US have no knowledge at all about crypto-currency.
    The study also revealed that Japanese investors are familiar with crypto-currencies, but many have not yet invested.
    With the evolution of the price of Bitcoin, it is easy to see that the total number of investors grows over time and that it may continue to go up. One of the key elements of this prediction is that Japan has already legalized Bitcoin as a method of payment for daily purchases.
    We must not forget Ethereum which is the main competitor of Bitcoin and which has the potential to exceed it in market capitalization in the coming years. This is due in particular to ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) powered by Ethereum technology.
    While the price of Bitcoin has already skyrocketed, leaving many investors unable to exploit the emerging trend, Ethereum, although having increased even more during the year, seems to be the logical second choice for new investors. Ethereum seems indeed to be a good way to become familiar with crypto-currencies.
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Very interesting ... It's the beginning of a new age.

I'm going to follow you !

We are the early adopters of mans greatest ever achievement.

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