The case against Google in the past mistakes

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In the past, two British businessmen filed a lawsuit against Google for removing their crime information from web search results. In the case lodged in the name of the secret, it is said that Google had previously applied to remove the information of crimes committed many years ago from the search engines. The court rejected the petition and filed the case in the UK court. The case was filed with the argument that 'the information that is criminal is out of date and there is no interest of the people.' Google has ordered to delete the information and lose the hearing in court.

Judge Mark Warbi said in the court on Friday, "The information of previous businessmen's past deeds is very old, on which Google users have no interest. So, their information is irrelevant to Google's search. "The court ordered not to impose any financial penalties for not giving any instructions to remove the information.

After the verdict, Google said in a statement, "They are respectful of the court's decision. We are working hard to separate the information that can be removed. However, users are interested to ensure that the information on users' information is not being removed, to ensure that the information is not deleted.

In 2014, the European Department of Justice issued an extraordinary information to remove search engines like Google, on request. Since the passage of this law, requests have been made to remove nearly 2 million web addresses from Google, out of which 8% are crimes-related.

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