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RE: The Russian Poison Story is WMD 2.0

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Central bankers are doing another stick up. "Your money or your lives."
They need a massive bailout, on the scale prior to WWI and WWII. I'm not sure what we can do to stop it. Probably smarter simply to prepare for the inevitable, as they've proven, over and over and over again that they'll slaughter millions, to steal from us.


I think you mistate their demand. It's 'Your money and your kids lives.'

I remember a question 'What if they hold a war, and nobody goes?'

I think that's what we should do. That's what we should do about Gargle censoring people's accounts. Quit using censors to host our content. That's what we should do about banksters. Quit giving thieves our money to hold.

I've always preferred the 'ignore it and it will go away' method of dealing with crap. The best defense is not investing in trouble. If you find out you have, divest, and reinvest elsewhere. There are better places to spend our money than banks, who spend it on wars, to kill us.

Like, anyplace else is better.

End banks.

Russia is part of a military alliance with China and India, is it likely to save bankers or defeat in the war to kill Western bankers?

Sorry? I don't understand your question?
What "war to kill Western bankers?"
Central bankers all work together, on this globe.
They wage wars that we all fight in.
US Empire continues to expand...eventually the world won't want us putting more US Military bases in their nations. US Military is in 70% of the globe...and counting.
How many nations have military bases in USA? None!
Soviets stopped Hitler, in his desire to conquer the world.
If NATO keeps pushing, Russia and China will have no choice but to defend themselves.

The banksters aren't a monolith. There are various levels and intraspecific competitive undertakings amongst them, including regional powers. While coordination of war is highly profitable, there are always funds that do not win the war, and are opposed to it.

They are not often enough of nominal power amongst their ilk. China's power, and Russia's, are not in lockstep even with each other. When war comes, it will come through the Western banksters sacrificing their powerbases, and this will not come lightly.

Neither Russia nor China want war in their neighborhoods.

We don't want it here, and the Western banksters haven't defected to the East. Yet.

I hope.

Good points. I don't know anything about China's central bank. It must be state owned, unlike our federal reserve.
And Russia, I know has been stock piling gold.
During WWI and WWII there was USSR and they were constantly under attack by western central bankers...cuz...they originally were organized by poor people in those countries.
Today, Russia is often confused with the former USSR...and, admittedly, I haven't kept up much with their central bank. I suspect their billionaires party with our central bankers.
I've read several books on western central banks - and their funding both sides of the war, but WWIII will have different actors: USA/Israel/Saudis v. Russia/China etc.

that is a fact the only thing that russia does is defend against the evil west they do not want war. but the us and Europe ! russia is the scapegoat ! of the world
and then to think that they have actually liberated the Netherlands with the English people !
and the poles but the! The Netherlands played together with the Germans
the Germans. the Dutch railways were under contract to carry people to Germany I have seen proof of that! when you consider that the father of Buch pay the Germans
Then we are all spoken out! after 45! The US transported the war criminals to the US that guests are still working at NSA and the CIA not to believe and then blamed Russia for giving bad joke! they can not be trusted
i know it is thanks to me ex nassi pa! grew up! something I would not have known

US Empire is trying to take over the world. Some call it the Third Reich.
USSR stopped Hitler. US Empire hopes that Russia, cut off from the rest of the former Soviet Union, will not be able to stop Trump/Bibi.
China and Russia are the only ones in the way of having US Military bases in 100% of the globe. They want complete control of earth - for rich white men - that speak English. I'm not sure why racist don't like Russian, white Christians, but I don't understand racism...sorry.

yes dear friend that is true! why the us Russia does not like it! Is simple!
also Russia and so Putin knows the truth! and slowly! the rest of the world also know the most about Hitlers criminals
hidden in the nsa and the cia where Hitler so to speak is stopped! there is the us! went along with that, there are proofs of it

The US is the only country as far as I know that radio actively dumps rubbish over its own
population and therefore martyrdoms! Hitler so proud! and much more
we know that Adolfs corpse is Never found, we know he got help! for the same, he just sits at the nsa or cia! impossible! no, they are criminalsthere are rumors from the past that the man is still alive! True or False! we will never know but impossible No

So we know what the US is keeping silent about the world! they just continue the third realm under the New name nwo! this is a danger to us all poetin knows it most stop

I am Russian. I understand what we will do. I can recall the 2008 war. It was an 8 day war. Of course they said that Georgia was at war. Everybody knows that there were US instructors and NATO mercenaries. They were enough for 8 days of war. NATO is unable to fight even with Russia. Fight with China and India (military alliance Russia, India, China) suicide.
We showed the rocket. This is the first real combat exoskeleton.

This is stronger than any tank. This is not in the world, only in Russia.

Some us know that 20 million Russians died to stop Hitler. Russians might be the only ones that can stop the ever expanding US Empire.

Died 5 million to stop Hitler. The loss of 20 million is a peaceful population of women and children who were killed by the Nazis.More answers can not be written, my answers are hidden and persecuted on the basis of race.