Dutch Powerplant is on fire :(

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Scary stuff if you have ever looked at history and at the recent Netflix series of Tjernobyl. A Dutch powerplant in the providence of Gelderland is on fire, and not that I am an expert, but fire in this higher building looks like in the cooling tower, which isn't a good thing.

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I am curious how this will play out. It just got brought up in the news, but as we all know nuclear powerplants and fire is just not a good and winning combo. I must honest admit that one of the first things I did was checking the direction of the wind to see how potential toxic clouds (no stress as yet, nothing has been said about that as yet) would be flying, and luckily they are not in my direction but they are in the direction of the Utrecht region which sucks.

Let's hope this fire is put out in no time and we all can stay safe. Nothing to do for but just wait and let the experts do their job in this one.

fingers crossed


Your decision is correct. Because with the wind of fire it erases everything.