CNBC Releases Laughable Anti-Bitcoin Propaganda Piece: If You're Trading Bitcoin, You Could Be Funding Kim Jong Un!

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Source and Video: See the CNBC video report HERE.

I'm not one to easily adopt mainstream media buzzwords and the like, but this is one example of "fake news" that is just too laughable--and revealing--not to share.

In a recent short-form online video report, has let everyone know that:

If you're trading Bitcoin, depending on where you are, there's a chance you might be funding Kim Jong Un's regime in North Korea.

If you just spit out your coffee or water in a burst of explosive laughter, don't worry. My reaction was similar. Never mind the fact that American taxpayers' taxes fund the largest terrorist war machine on the planet, dropping bombs on men, women, children, and infants around the world, or that the UN is now starving the North Korean economy (and thus, North Koreans) via recent sanctions which cut trade with China and effectively reduce North Korea's export trade activity by 35%. No, that's all irrelevant because...well...reasons.

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What's truly alarming is that fact that there may be ONE DUDE mining Bitcoin in North Korea!!!! GASP! THE HORROR! As my good friend on Facebook put it:

"This would be like blaming people that eat at McDonald's for helping a serial killer because the serial killer works part-time at another McDonald's."


Here's the vid:

All this comes right on the heels of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Simon saying that:

Bitcoin is a fraud that will ultimately blow up,

And that it is only fit for use by drug dealers, criminals, and North Koreans.


Funny that he also said that Bitcoin developers are going to "try to eat our lunch" at an IIF (Institute of International Finance) annual meeting in D.C., October 2014. If BTC is going to fail, why worry, Jamie?

When the MSM is united on something like this, you can be sure there is a reason why. To be honest, it gives me hope.

We now have thousands upon thousands of individuals empowered by an idea, making money and gaining financial freedom via free, decentralized systems created by innovative minds. The state, of course, hates this, as nothing that evil does is ever original. And, in their "perfect world," it seems to be an accepted tenet that the peasants should never have a lunch of their own.

Well, fuck that. Let's eat!



Graham Smith is a Voluntaryist activist, creator, and peaceful parent residing in Niigata City, Japan. Graham runs the "Voluntary Japan" online initiative with a presence here on Steem, as well as Facebook and Twitter. (Hit me up so I can stop talking about myself in the third person!)

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So....Priscilla Moriuchi, who works for a "Threat Intelligence Firm" funded by Google and the CIA - the two biggest anti-privacy organizations on the planet - says bitcoin traders are "helping" North Korea? Really?

Hell, why shouldn't the North Koreans get into bitcoin? After all, isn't bitcoin a censorship-resistance, global, P2P digital asset?


All the major powers have plenty of nukes, so why shouldn't the North Koreans try and catch up? Can't really blame them for trying.

Well the likes 10 and dislikes 83 under the video, says a lot.
Sarc. on. But the dislikes are probably north koreans. sacr off ;)

Thanks for the sarc. buttons. glad you remember. Lol. Not always so fast on the take :)

If you're using USD, there's a chance you're funding the imperial US State.

Everyone, give him an upvote if you came to the comment section to say the same thing.

By the way,

"And that it is only fit for use by drug dealers, criminals"

Like the US fuckin dollar isn't.

There's FUD, then there's this. Really ridiculous how hard these guys are FUD'ing

We really should thank them for driving the price down :D


Well, you're right there. I did buy some more at $3,200. I figured how much lower could it go? (Answer, about $290 more).

I expect (and hope) that's the end of the sub-$3,000 BTC.

The US dollar is sucking value and wealth out of the entire world trough inflation. The US is the ONLY country that ever used a nuclear bomb against humanity. STOP THE REAL TERRORISTS, USE BITCOIN!!

dollars, pounds, yen... they are all going to shit

Yeah a currency existing outside of "the state" could be funding all sorts of bad stuff. Even though basically all printed bills have quantities of cocaine on them. Haha, remember when Bill Clinton transferred technology to N Korea? Yeah he gave them nuclear reactors. Another state funded by the U.S., mercenary boogymen. Maybe our leadership are suicidal.

The military-industrial complex always needs some kind of "enemy" to justify its existence and humongous budgets. Can you imagine how many Americans would be out of jobs if defense spending was cut 50%?

It's working very well for themselves.

Was unaware. Thanks man.

I've been waiting for this


hahaha great stuff @kafkanarchy84. To think that people have put some real effort in creating this video. Thanks for sharing up and followed

"This would be like blaming people that eat at McDonald's for helping a serial killer because the serial killer works part-time at another McDonald's."

People don't even know how stupid they sound when they talk about "BTC is for criminals". This is a great analogy! I will definitely use it :)

Did you know that if you buy a pizza, that money can end up at the Italian mob?

I agree. Nail on the head.

If you drink water, you are basically saying that you support babies being drowned.

What a joke this is! The central authorities and their lackey mainstream media outlets are clearly getting frightened by the writing on the wall. I love how this video says that the company the woman works for, Recorded Future, is backed by Google and the CIA as if that's something to be proud of. Ummm...that's just a bigger reason to NOT believe anything they say.

However, we are seeing the effects in the market today with this, Dimon, China exchange closing, etc. Some serious fear out there. I hope we can all be strong and press on for a better world with the promise of this technology. The attacks are only going to increase as the illusion of power slips further and further away from these sociopathic criminals.

Upvoted and following you now!

You just read my mind bro!

Oh wait andy? its you right?

Ha ha, yes man, good to see you!

I love how this video says that the company the woman works for, Recorded Future, is backed by Google and the CIA as if that's something to be proud of.

Lol. Right!? Thought the same thing. Love this comment. Thank you.

Thank you! It's hard to believe I'm coming up on a year on Steemit and how much I've learned and how transparent everything has become. It's so funny (and scary) to me that there are undoubtedly a number of people now who will totally just cling to this bitcoin funding NKorea scenario because they saw it on TV from a "reputable" news source. The power of propaganda is real and the irony of this video being viewed as "news" about a country where the citizens only get "propaganda" is just, I don't know, it's really juicy irony I guess!

Followed back.

This type of stuff just chases the unformed out of the market. Giving us the advantage to stock up on projects that will eventually be mainstream.

Good way to look at it. ;)

What a joke.

All the negative press we've been seeing about Bitcoin lately just shows that's it's starting to go mainstream and the elites are getting SCARED.

Exactly this.

Yep, and I am feeling hopeful. They don't know what to do with an idea.

They didn't actually mean this when they said it, right?? I mean I know they can be ridiculous, but this would just be to obivious/dumb lol...

Bro, I am telling you. News is usually bad, but this one takes the cake for blatantly idiotic statist BS.

yes these are all tactics to somehow destroy or ban bitcoins but i only like to say that try to ban bitcoins is just like try to ban rain, impossible. thanks for sharing this news.

to ban bitcoins is just like try to ban rain


No worries , we have STEEM !! Pure essence horse - holy and sacred

At least CNN said that you "could be" funding North Korea. Whereas FOX news said that bitcoiners "are" funding the terrorists.

In any case make sure you open up Dimon's mouth wide, as I have a big reload of pure shit for that turd's mouth.

The problem with the cryptocoins, it's Many coins depend of the BTC, so you can see how all down, I believe that if we exchange more of steem this coul'd be rise and to be independent, well just it is my idea or maybe buy more steem, what did you thing?

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I was reading the same on CNN, well by Google news. In my screen that is, never in hell I would visit CNN. LOL, North Korea gonna hack bitcoins for their war effort. I mean really??

I think it's a game of hide and seek, The greatest criminal seems to search justice. The greatest leaders are now frightening with the greatest power of common people, so it's just rumors. Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Happy steeming friend.

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

Cheers, @ipkiss.

Peasants should have launch of their will lead development not destruction...
Its thier right to fill their stomach with their own...if someone want to eat from their own who are you and me to oppose?

I don't think bit coin developers are in so much crisis that they will snatch our staff. people engaged here are earning because of their own productive capacity and the state has no right to criticise it..

HODLers will still hold!! :)

They have to come up with some narrative to stop this thing. We can't be trading things unregulated, c'mon.

So, if you're using USD you're supporting Trump?

As if cutting exports to an already poor country was good for it.

Funding North Korea? Aren't a portion of U.S. tax dollars going towards drone strikes in the Middle East?

Thank you @kafkanarchy84 for sharing this post with me.

The more these people are against it, the more convinced I become.


The headlines are getting more ridiculous by the day. Every morning that I see red in the crypto markets I go to CNBC and sure enough, there's some hit job piece by an uninformed CNBC writer or Wall Street guru hating on crypto currency.

And you're correct--Never mind that we the tax payers have been forced to fund the mass murder of innocent people all over the world for decades to line the pockets of war monger politicians, lobbyists and weapons manufacturers. And they claim they do it to keep us safe. How noble of them.

CNBC reporting reminds me more and more of ridiculous fake news stories that I see in my Facebook feed which I usually regret even wasting my time looking at recently. The main reason I even read mainstream news articles any more is to get a good laugh.

The main reason I even read mainstream news articles any more is to get a good laugh.

Yep. As Hunter S. Thompson once said, if you're gonna watch TV, you gotta watch it actively, laughing, mocking, and talking back to the bastards.

That was very epic!

a very good post. thank you for sharing the story, success is always my friend! I want to like you post. But not yet. Guide this friend!

Thats how North Korea and China smile at the world right nowDayara_bugyal_NKP_3336_20170715.jpg

Good job @kafkanarchy84

Hey Franz !!! Good to be back on steemit and seeing your great post !!!
Thanks for the share !

Read More, Reason More ... JTS

its nice [email protected], it shows the great impact over the coin world, but bitcoin always be ultimate name.

So, as a little thought experiement, I followed the reasoning behind the CNBC story, and arrived at this: by attacking BTC, which is Kim Jong Un's means of avoiding the sanctions starving the people of Best Korea, China is forcing the end of their nuclear tests and bringing them to the negotiating table.

its odd.

Good job
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Thks u


He's involved in drug trade. Something tells me he's buying Monero