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Microsoft wants to have windows 10 on everything from computers, devices like mobile phones to home appliances, but on a cloud operating system.
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Which is Windows 10 Cloud Shell?

  • It is a new light version of windows 10, which can work from the cloud, so that it is best used by all types of devices connected to the internet.
  • This is a very ambitious project to enter the ARM market, and give life to the Windows RT project in the home environment for normal users.
  • It would be a shell with universal integration windows platform, to execute and to start, services and processes, that allow the execution of widows 10 in a connection in the cloud, for computers that do not have hardware of last generation and are to the minimum of the recommended one .
  • Thanks to this it would be possible to run the operating system remotely from any device, and without having to install it, to this day windows 10 runs locally on a computer, but needs the cloud to store and synchronize data from the computer .
  • With this it would be possible for windows 10 to work with a stable internet connection and no crashes and not the hardware of the computer or device, this system would be aimed at business, and expected to arrive at the conference of developers and companies in May.
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