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Sodium thiopentate is known as the verad serum, it was developed in the 30's, and is commonly associated with a drug that induces everyone who is administered to say the truth to any question, preventing it from telling lies.
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  • At the beginning of the twentieth century, the rumor of a new substance, the burundanga, was heard that made the women talk about their private lives with people around them.
  • This was explained by the fact that certain substances entered in the organism made people's will weaken, preventing them from talking about their private life with anyone who asked them about it.
  • Later, it would be discovered that many drugs cause an effect that prevents the proper functioning of parts of the brain temporarily, and it was believed that because of this is that the truth (sodium thiopentate) function.
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  • Many drugs are depressants of the central nervous system, so that parts of the brain are not very active, this causes the attention of an individual to be distorted, leaving an anesthetic effect.
  • This does not make much difference in the functioning of many drugs and the serum of truth.
  • Thanks to these effects a person loses the reason and everything that says or does lose importance for the subject, during the effect of the drug.
  • The drug causes a person to speak inconsistently, without paying attention to whether what he says is true or not.
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