To suck your fingers with Bitcoin: KFC Canada launches "the Bitcoin BUCKET"

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"Was Satoshi the Colonel all the time?" is one of the phrases that KFC's Canadian affiliate has used for the launch of the Bitcoin Bucket, a special promotion they are offering in exchange for Bitcoins.

With the Bitcoin logo instead of Colonel Sanders ' face, emblem of the fast food chain specializing in fried chicken, KFC Canada is offering a special bucket that includes among other things original recipes and waffle fries for the equivalent of 20 bucks on Bitcoins. The promotion will be for a limited time and only for Canadians.

"Despite the ups and downs of Bitcoin, the colonel's Original recipe is as good as ever. Then swap your bitcoins for buckets and invest in something to suck your fingers, "says the publication on the KFC Canada page.

"KFC Canada introduces the Bitcoin cube. Of course, we don't know what the Bitcoins are exactly, or how they work, but that shouldn't come between you and some chickens to suck your fingers. "

The company has been interacting during the announcement with its followers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can read comments from KFC's Canadian affiliate as: "KFC: The C is for Criptomoneda, also for chicken" (KFC means Kentucky Fried chicken) o"El Future of food is now."

You can also read some phrases directly related to the most used in the ecosystem of the first Criptomoneda: "Fiat money is backed by gold, but Bitcoin is backed by fried chicken", "experts say Bitcoin is a bubble. Put them all in a bucket in return, "Another big rise in Bitcoin. Hodl for the Dip "(" Another great ascent in Bitcoin, waits for the Salsa ", in allusion to Hodl, a term used by the bitcoiners to promote the saving of Bitcoins before any altibajo, because, ultimately, it will rise again).

Or also around the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto: "Was Satoshi the Colonel all the time?", "Criptomonedas: as safe as the colonel's secret recipe?", "was the Colonel the Satoshi Nakamoto of the fried chicken, or is Satoshi the colonel of the Criptomoneda?". and also with regard to the altcoins: "Invest in an original recipe. Avoid alt-Recipes "; "Name suggestions for KFC altcoin: ColonelCoins?, SanderDollars?".

All of the above phrases are some of the word games linked to common themes and phrases within the Bitcoin ecosystem that are part of the marketing strategy implemented by KFC Canada. But there's more.

"Can anyone tell us how to spend these BITCOINS?"
From KFC Canada They ask what to do with the bitcoins they win in exchange for the commercialization of the Bitcoin cuvettes. "Give us your bitcoins, and then you tell me how to spend a bitcoin." In response to the questions of KFC Canada, the following alternatives can be mentioned, although first it is recommended that they use a SegWit direction so that when they are going to spend they do not lose many of the commissions.

The funds could be invested in mining equipment, as the iced Tea company did with the dollars it raised after adding the word blockchain to its name. They could buy some pizzas to celebrate, something that has become a classic in the ecosystem, or donate them to charities as the anonymous character has been doing behind the Pineapple Fund.

They could also use it to develop their own platform of blockchain technology and launch their "ColonelCoins" or "SanderDollars" (and by the way, prepare their respective initial offer of currency) to use them as a way of payment for their fried chickens. And even create loyalty programs among KFC's franchises around the world. Or if they wanted to, they could buy Bjork's new album. Or, the Bitcoiners ' quintessential recommendation, simply "HODL."

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