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Although at this time its price goes down, during these days showed a very interesting behavior in the respective markets, which generated significant gains to those who took advantage of the rise in their prices. Currently each digital currency unit is quoted above USD $0.16.

The digital currency ecosystem brought with it great surprises so far this year, as the main criptomonedas – Bitcoin, bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Nero, Ripple – showed significant increases in their prices, capturing even more the Attention of the connoisseurs and the people interested in these digital assets.

It has also occurred that other digital currencies that do not enjoy such fame and trajectory have managed to attract a large number of investors, specifically this has been the case of IOTA, Cardano, NEM and Stellar, Criptomonedas that began this year with upward trend and They have multiplied the assets of the people who invested in them when the cost of these was much lower than the current one.

A very interesting case at the moment is that of TRON, a criptomoneda that during these days raised some stir by the surprising increase in its value, and although at the moment its price has fallen, could be seen as a means to multiply in a timely way the Capital you want to invest in it.

Some data on the digital currency

TRON (TRX) is a digital currency of Chinese origin that made its official entry in the markets from the 13th of September of 2017. According to information published in the founding document, the TRON protocol constitutes a system for the dissemination of content based on Blockchain technology, in which each TRX unit serves as a currency for the marketing of products and Services developed by programmers operating on the network.

According to its creators, one of the main advantages of the protocol and its digital currency is that both are an economic system that allows a P2P (person to person) interaction between content providers and users without Prehost, which It guarantees greater objectivity and transparency and can rival the operation of centralized platforms such as Google Play store and Apple's APP store, as it would handle much cheaper rates while ensuring equal treatment, Allowing everyone to benefit equitably and not more profitable who has historically had more popularity and success in the digital commerce ecosystem.

The protocol and the digital currency are supported by the TRON Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization, which is mainly engaged in operating the Criptomoneda network and supporting the development team. This institution has the approval of the Accounting and corporate Regulatory Authority (Accra) and is governed under the supervision and regulation of the law of companies of the nation.

The development team is led by Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON, and is composed of people with great experience in the world of digital currencies and the development of Blockchain technology, who are also defined as loyal followers of Sir Tim Berners-Lee (considered the father of the Internet) and his legacy, so they seek to develop mechanisms within the TRON Foundation for the platform to operate as originally thought that the Internet should work under the vision of one of its Principal creators, in a decentralized and transparent way.

The Criptomoneda has been programmed to operate with a maximum of 100 billion units, of which up to now have been in circulation a total of 65,748,192,475 TRX (information extracted from COINMARKETCAP). Unlike many other digital currencies in circulation TRON works with two confirmation protocols, one called proof-of-replication and another known as proof-of-Spacetime, with which adequate control is guaranteed in the generation and possession of Criptomoneda's assets are more ecological and economical. Unfortunately the same is not enabled for mining activities open to the public, so that the interested parties will not be able to generate their own assets.

In relation to the purses enabled for the Criptomoneda, although at the moment there is not much clarity in relation to the topic, there are two options which are the most used by the users who have shared their experience through Reddit:

First, users can enable an online portfolio service through the Web portal Tron. Network, which also serves as the main source of information associated with Criptocurrency.

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