UN WARNS OF FAMINE! - False Flag ATTACK On Pipeline! - They're Getting Us Ready For The Great Reset!

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See the FULL video report HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the controlled collapse of the supply chain as the United Nations Food Program's Chief warns of famine in the coming year as fertilizer is in short stock all while the governments of the world bring in crazy climate policies which attempt to ban fertilizer while abolishing vast sums of farms to force people into absolute dependency.

In this video, we talk about the massive conflict on the horizon as well as the fact that the US is purposely destroying vital Russian pipelines leading to a collapse of the energy grid, while blaming Russia which has no reason to do this.
This is a proxy war quickly turning into a hot nuclear war and it's an incredibly dangerous game. But of course the modus operandi has always been to force us into the Great Reset via "order out of chaos."

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