SHEMITAH 2022: Something BIG Is About To Happen! - Elites PLANNING FOR COLLAPSE!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the concern by millions that the Shemitah on September 26th, 2022 will lead to a massive collapse of epic proportions. In the past, this has happened over a dozen times. From the 2008 crisis to the 1987 crisis to the 1994 to 9/11 and now as the world appears to fall apart, as the dollar collapses, the supply chain craters, the energy grid fails and nuclear war appears to be on the horizon, many are saying this could be the most consequential time in human history.
Meanwhile in Germany, the head of the opposition party recently did a speech in parliament saying that September 24th will be a day that everyone remembers. A day that people will look back on and say "Where were you when that happened?"
At the same time, the Vatican is calling back their money to their bank effective immediately. Elites are clearly planning for some kind of significant crisis. German military is set to start patrolling the streets. Banks are stopping people from getting their money out. How can any of this be ignored?
BRICS is pushing forward with their new digital world reserve currency based on a basket of major currencies. Something is in the air and it's hard to comprehend.
In this video, we break down what CAN be comprehended.

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