MASSIVE Vaccine Recall! - 60 MILLION DOSES DESTROYED! - More Side Effects Exposed!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on mounting evidence of vaccine injuries and deaths as the CDC calls an emergency meeting and the FDA demands Johnson & Johnson to destroy 60 million doses.
There is new evidence showing serious heart inflammation side effects after taking the covid vaccine as well as long term sterilization and cancer risk. All the while, millions are being coerced into taking the jab and following the crowd, with many kids being told they won't see their friends again until they receive the vaccine. At the same time, children are also being bribed with hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as scholarships if they receive doses.

This is all incredibly criminal and goes against the Nuremberg Code, but nonetheless, the state cares not how they coerce the masses, as long as the masses follow along in cowardly fear.

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