George Soros Wants To Regulate Facebook & Google! - Here's Why

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In this video, I talk with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about George Soros' recent comments in Davos at the World Economic Forum that he wants to see Facebook and Google more "stringently" regulated.

On top of the fact that Soros sees the need to regulate everything including the internet at the United Nations in favor of the Open Society Foundation, somehow he doesn't notice the fact that people naturally decentralize their lives away from these ever growing centralized platforms.

Facebook and Google already censor people to an absurd rate. This is why people are moving to Steemit and DTube.

It's just hilarious that Soros believes that regulating these sites will lead to more competition and innovation. What a joke. Regulation does the exact opposite of opening up the market to competition and innovation. When major monopolies are easily able to deal with regulations and taxes while smaller competition cannot, there's no incentive for the major corporations to innovate. They don't have to worry about better products.

This will simply progress towards freedom. These coercive statist manipulators aren't long for this world. People are born free. The government can't give people freedom, they can only take it away.

See the FULL video report here:

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I agree completly "Regulation does the exact opposite of opening up the market to competition and innovation" I think you can compare this to little kids, when parents keep prohibiting and over caring about everything, instead of teaching their sons to be independent and confident they only make them weak and scared or all the way around they become rebels and drop out of school jajaja something like that!! I guess what I mean is that the more regulations to things to more people want to do the opposite!!


Its all about power and monetization.

I think he’s only mad because Trump won the election because of his ability to advertise on Facebook. 😂😂

He doesn't care about revenue from advertisements, he knows that the right used these platforms to destroy his plans for a new world order, and why his puppet Hillary lost her election. George Soros nephew is married to Hillary clintons daughter Chelsea. This guy is trying to get a puppet in for 2020. I hope he expires by then.
On the day when he die i will celebrate.


he is quite old, you really think he plans that far ahead? ))


Yes, it is his passion/obsession.


his son is going to take over from him


Very well said!

Good video guys. It's a real shame about censorship of honest content. I can see why disgusting horrific content should be censored but not genuine worthy reporting. DTube will become massive if they continue.

Everything ever done using the trojan horse of "Security" always ends in the death and dismemberment of freedom.

Let my eyes decide what not to see!


So all legislation involving security is bad? Should we end our border security and leave the middle east? Should we dissolve public safety organizations such as the police and the fire departments? You are a cuck to idealism and it shows. Don't deal in absolutes

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Ad hominems are interesting, because not only are they hyperbolic sucker punches, they are resolutely absolute. Those who abuse ad hominems usually feel superior to others. They pre-condition interactions, on-load ascribed social identity roles, and define class types and ranking using deranged language. Effectively, they are used to assert control over others by placing others in a state of dis-ease, whereby the ad hominem abuser can assure their superiority, if only in their minds, by provoking and responding to the other's reaction, with rehearsed melo-dramatic word play, all in the hopes the other will lose their shit and respond negatively; conferring the sense of superiority.

Ideals made this country, not laws. We broke laws to create this country.

But germane to the impetus of my post. There are two circles that converge and overlap. One is Freedom. One is Security. Where they overlap is the balance between relative freedom and security. Each of us find ourselves within the overlapping areas. It also can be seen as a line. One end total Freedom and the other total control. You can only be one place on the line. As you seek security you lose Freedom. We don't become more free by passing laws and living under their enforcement. We become more free by recognizing and living the universal laws, understanding this, may take time. But, if one lives in resonance with universal law, security states, such as we have now, become obstacles to accessing understanding.

This is where I am. Cucking the fuck outta my ideals. Watching them fucc with everyone who read them. And yes, that is goddamn pleasing!

Guess what: So does Trump!

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Love your innovation. There are many people out there that are hopeless and are living below $1. These people need our help. More of action and less of talks

This guy is so old he doesn't even know how to check his messages on his flip seems ridiculous to block our right to use social platforms. If you want to change something, make it more fair for smaller channels to earn and support their channels. That is why I like steemit so much, right off the back you are considered important enough to earn. thanks for the update keep em coming. this is my first day on steem still trying to figure out how this thing works..

George Soros does not believe that regulation will lead to innovation and competition. He really just recognizes that free and open communication is the biggest threat to the implementation of the "Left's" retarded statist neocommunist dystopia. Stop listening to the purported ends while over looking the means they claim will achieve them. The means, which invariably increase the power of the state over the economic lives of the citizenry, are their ends. The rest is just distraction.

I'd never heard someone lay out such a clear and concise summary of the idea that free people inherently move to decentralization. Gave me something to ponder today and for that I thank you.

He said their monoplistic behaviors should be regulated, not their users.

  ·  last year (edited)

Great work! Soros truly is a piece of trash yet the mainstream media continues to take funding from him while promoting him as some sort of holy philanthropist. I've spent the better part of 5 years trying to stop his agenda, would love to talk with you about collaborating on something. I currently am a staff writer at The Daily Sheeple and SHTFplan but am also now using steemit regularly. If interested feel free to hit me up.

  1. Short the Dow Jones
  2. Fund an army of radicalized socialist grassroots warriors
  3. Regulate everything
  4. Wait for the inevitable collapse of the US economy
  5. ???
  6. Profit

George Soros as a currency speculator destabilized economies of entire countries, funds professional rioters, and influences elections. He is not for competition but desires personal control and power. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Looks like a channel for me. Left a like and followed!

I'm new to steemit, if You have any other political commentary channels recommendations, I'd apprecieate. I've asked for suggestions on my blog
Thanks in advance!

the time and era for centralized media is over.

There are some people who sit on high places and they think they can be controlling how people live their live where ever they are. The rich are afraid because the masses are getting free from their bondage.

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Keep on researching on these issues for steemians...


Soros doesn’t care about anything except destroy people and communities, and stealing any liberty away.

well, I'm left wing, although, not american left wing (from all I know there's no such thing as american left or right wing, just bunch of people supporting one team, and whatever that team does, and don't even care if it's correct or, more likely wrong, or if it makes sense compared to other things they do support, it's just a mess, used as excuse to scream at eachother, and more often than not, to punch people.

anyway, I fucking despise sore-rush. fuck that guy. I don't agree with you that he'll die soon, I'm sure he has access to most advanced medical treatments, which could preserve him for another 20-50 years. if all else fails he might get his consciousness transferred to a cloud, and continue to bother us long after his physical form has depleted. he'll outlive us all. I just can't decide who makes my skin crawl more, him, or henry killinger. that said, I do follow a lot of "right wing" sources, not cause I'm not true left, but cause, as I said, american left and american right don't seem to be divided accurately. anywho, what I actually wanted to say, is that it makes sense to label you as hate speech, cause you made that jab against so-called left (american left, which is not left), so anyone on the left, who disagrees with sore-rush, might find that jab offensive. jk

finally, I find it funny that you've mentioned several times, yet you host this video on youtube. funny that. okay, I get it, you have to warn people that there may be huge slaughter of youtubers and that they should get ready to migrate to, I get that, but why not re-upload the video to because you want youtube to count these views too? you kinda want to sit on two chairs, and that is not gonna help you make the point. I guess it makes sense for americanos, you are already used to world being divided where it naturally doesn't split, but be better, choose your side.

I will be using Dtube soon because of less regulation on the site.

America has 3 more years to get as far as possible with blockchain and decentralization before the left takes it back and tries to ban it all. The window is much shorter than most people realize and the time is NOW!!

When is that rotten piece going to return to true humanity. Not surprised either...

estoy seguro que eso no sucedera sin embargo buen post... sigue informandonos te sigo ... nos vemos amigo

Soros is the most evil human being alive today.

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Yeah let’s further centralize and monitor google and Facebook, so people continue converting over to steemit, brave and presearch! Decentralization for the win! Soros is simply too far behind corrupt old bugger xD FDA8A607-59B5-4CFA-9E9C-DFABDED6ED73.jpegB9CB09AB-0287-48B2-B186-C9BECFF8E08A.jpegE006EF03-C33F-4AC5-B3C8-897C45901D6F.jpeg


I'm not convinced how presearch is really decentralized. all they do is redirect you back to google or duckduckgo page, and considering that duckduckgo is also using google results, whatever you do, you use google in the end. (proof that duckduckgo, bing, yahoo, yandex, weibo, and pretty much all others use google to generate their results, can be demonstrated easily. few months ago google tweaked their algorithm to show "black american inventors" when you do an image search for "american inventors". be that as it may, it was just google who tweaked their search results for this one particular search, yet literally all these searches show "black american inventors" if you do image search for "american inventors". while this one example may not affect us as much, imagine what else they are tweaking? and imagine you can't remember edison's name on the spot? so you do a search for "american inventors" thinking, good, I'll recognize him from the picture, and see what his name was, and boom, you can't. I get that crawling entirety of web in order to compete with google, might take some time, but I don't see they are even trying to do that

  ·  last year (edited)

Presearch is in beta. Read the white paper and check out the development team. We still got 6-8 months before we see the real promise a lot of these ico’s had in mind and we have a long way to go to work out the kinks but as long as we stay passionate and don’t forget about the underlying technology that is allowing programmers to create web3 and all the possibilities that it will offer, were all waiting on Vitalik. To breakthrough the sharding problems and scale ethereum for the new age, think 2009 as the embryo, as crypto has grown I think the stage were at now is infancy. The possibilities truly are endless! By 2019 Blockchain will be everywhere. Btc 10 year anniversary!


here's hoping :)

Thanks for your post..upvote and resteem..

"It's just hilarious that Soros believes that regulating these sites will lead to more competition and innovation. "

Well if you put it like that then he is right because regulating them will drive people away from them to new and innovative sites, like

  ·  last year (edited)

Well I'll be darned if I donated my entire wealth to those addresses.

bought my cousin a hat

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It's just hilarious that Soros believes that regulating these sites will lead to more competition and innovation.

I don't think he believes that - in the slightest..

For everything he and his ilk wants to restrict on these grounds, one should look for a contrast he's going to finance in order to double down. I'm hinting at something but I'm not going to just write what that is...

thanks for sharing the news
good activity
carry on
best wish

I agree Facebook Twitter and YouTube are going to die like MySpace did , and that other one you mentioned I never even heard of , so that should be some kind of indicator for what works and for what goes into the trash bin . LOL 😂

the lord of darkness is among us