DTube - Grow Food, Not Lawns! - Couple Fights For Right To Grow Their Own Food (Freedom Minute)

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One of our most recent video reports!
See the original article below:

Josh Sigurdson reports on a couple who've been growing their own food (half of their supply of food each year) on their front lawn for 17 years. Hermine Ricketts and her husband, Tom Carroll were handed a notice by their local government in Miami that they must dig up their garden. According to the code inspector from Miami Shores Village, they can only have short grass, sod or low growing plants. Not fruits and vegetables.
More useless absurd regulations.
They were told that they could grow it in their backyard, but when they had first moved into the house many years earlier, they attempted to grow their food in the back yard only to fail due to shade.
The couple has fought this in court for years now. On August 25th, 2016, Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge Monica Gordo ruled that prohibiting vegetable gardens in front yards doesn’t restrict anyone’s fundamental rights.
So according to Gordo, restricting one of the most fundamental right a human being intrinsically has, property rights is not a restriction of anyone's fundamental rights. Talk about crazy!
In November 2017, the Florida's Third District Court Of Appeal sided with Gordo.
So individuals who attempt to actually be independent and grow their own. People who don't depend on the government and banking system are told they do not have property rights? This is what we've come to folks. Nothing is sacred anymore.
Life, liberty and property mean the world to humanity and to take that away is to starve one of their very humanity.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover countless issues here at WAM!

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The government prohibits people from growing their own fruits it's because the corporation they are supporting will lose money, and that big corporation have only given the rights to grow their own food that has GMO that's already proven that could cause a cancer so that the health industry will make more money from it. it's business after all, and it's too big to fail, and it's too big to stop.

It's not just the government banning people from growing food, but also the people themselves who have little or no experience whatsoever to learn or willingness to do so. I grew up with parents who rather spend time working than grow their own food. To them, growing your own food meant poverty, aka farmers. Why spend time doing that that when you can just buy it? I'm quite the opposite. Very interested in growing food. I know it's going to be a learning curve, but I know it's that important!

Realestate for the win

Wow, this is absurd. The government forces people to do whatever they want. This is another reason why we need anarchy or less government. I think the whole we appoint the government so the people have power is the lie all Americans tell themselves. We didn't appoint the government to destroy our ability to plant gardens. Hundreds of millions of Americans are herded up like sheep by a small number of wolves (government officials, IRS, politicians, prosecutors) to manipulate and enforce their power through fear, force, and violence. I appreciate you uncovering these issues WAM. Keep it up!

Whats absurd! I thought that only strange thing happen in Poland.

its a bummer they try to stop you fro being self sustaining in their cities. smh

I'm just about to dig up part of my lawn to put in some cabbage, leek and kale. Less open space to look at but it will be better used and better for the environment. It's also better than paving over it.

Freedom is an illusion in America.

For example, a closely related topic is collecting rain water on your property. Let's say that you wanted to collect the rain that falls on your roof and store it in barrels so that you can later use it to water your lawn, plants, garden, etc. In most places, you would be breaking the law.

Most municipalities have ordinances, some even rising to the level of serious misdemeanors, for collecting rain water on your own property because they want to have it run into the municipal water system instead. This way, they can collect the water that falls on your property and then resell it back to you at a profit.

Freedom is an illusion.

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There’s no point of home ownership if you can’t control what you put on it.

totally agree

In fact growing food should be encouraged, it promotes greenery and one may get fresh food from nearby which will improve ones health

Not to mention, it supports the counter economy that so many, like James Corbett talk about. Plus it's the only way to get truly organic produce. Despite the fact, that even then there are all sorts of chemicals in the soil from geoengineering. But it's the best you can to do get the most organic possible. No more atrazine, no more glyphosate. But the powers that be wouldn't want to support that, now would they.

very much true

Thanks for the comment man. Feel free to upvote if you like. Otherwise, thanks for reading all the same.

it's your property.everyone can do whatever they want on their property for as long as it does good to the owner of that property.i don't see any reason why you are being restricted on planting vegetation on either your the front or the backyard.this is absurd and restricts your freedom and liberty.

Crazy things we worry about! Grow food! My neighbor has the perfect lawn and doesn't like my dandelions. I don't care for his RoundUp.

Yes, at least your dandelions don't leach glyphosate into the ground and contaminate all the surrounding yards and water sources. And at least your dandelions are extremely good for your health especially when made into a tincture.


I hope Monsanto loses in California court. Imagine everything with Glyphosate in it in California coming with a "May cause cancer" label. That will be a big awakening moment for many.

Totally agree with these :

Life, liberty and property mean the world to humanity and to take that away is to starve one of their very humanity.

At least these three things have to remain intact, always.

These are basis of every successful civilization in history. The amount of respect for life, liberty and private property define the quality of life and economic growth in the society. The ability to be secure in basic needs and think freely are the basis of invention, conversely, those and necessity. But necessity does not imply slavery.

@joshsigurdson - It seems to me, that the ability to grow food on land that you own, lease or rent should be a fundamental human right and freedom. After air and water, food is the thing we need to most to sustain us. Really, this is a fundamental question of individual sovereignthy vs, state power. And it seems in many cases we no longer have true rights over our property or freedom to feed ourselves in the way we choose. I wonder what the nation's founders would think about all this. Land of the free? Not so sure.

It seems to me that as long as you are forced to pay taxes on your land and are in danger of losing your land if you fail/refuse to you don't really own the land. You are still paying the government to be able to use your own land.

Yes, in reality the government allows you to use the land, conditional on you paying your taxes. No taxes paid, goodbye land. More like renting the land, and the taxes you pay are the rent.

Utilizing the front or back of the house is a good job for every household, the planted plant can help reduce the family burden on some kitchen needs as well as traditional medicine. So it should not be a ban from the government to use the backyard by planting useful crops. The other side of neighboring life is also worth noting, for example we have our own musical instruments in our homes, but we should not ring loudly to disturb neighbors. We have our own yard behind the house, but we also should not plant crops that can disturb our neighbors. But good efforts that do not disturb the neighbors need to get support such as planting medicinal plants, vegetables and others.

thanks for nice video.

its stupid that people cant grow thier own weed in most places but that is so fucking stupid...
i totally believe those laws are equal in germany. SAD

Every Universal Law is fundamentally a bye-product of the concept Private Property. Don't steal (peoples material private property), don't murder(it's stealing their private property that is their life), don't aggress another unless you've been aggressed upon (it is stealing the health of their private property that is their body). And yet, the government constantly violates our right to private property by implying they own our bodies. They do this by allowing us or not allowing us to put things (herbs, chemicals etc) in our bodies. They tax us on our houses and land, and if we don't pay they send us to jail and steal our house (both stealing our lives, body and physical property). In fact, government in itstelf implies force and there fore the very concept of government violates universal laws. Volunteerism is the only way to not violate universal law and the Non-Aggression Principle. Good for these two, fighting for their rights. And not only theirs, but the right of others as well, because if the Ricketts win this, they will hopefully set a precedent. They have been aggressored upon but I'm so doing, have been given an opportunity to make the world a better place. Let us just hope that the corrupt courts aren't able to circumvent true law and commit more crimes than it already has. The judicial court is the most tyrannical branch of them all.

“[N]othing in the Constitution has given [the judiciary] a right to decide for the Executive, more than to the executive to decide for them. Both magistracies are equally independent in the sphere of action assigned to them… the opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional, and what are not, not only for themselves in their own sphere of action, but for the Legislature & Executive also, in their spheres, would make the judiciary a despotic branch.“- Thomas Jefferson
(Source: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/undeniable-quotes-the-founding-fathers-warn-about-scotus/)

The Ricketts should set up a crowd fund page, if they haven't already. Their are lots of people, including myself that would help to protect their's and ultimately our rights. Until then, best of luck to the Ricketts.

Really good report. Good luck for the future.

wow. Not nice (not the video)

Another reason to live in the bush!

I grew up in FLA, in Plant City a farming community >>ALL<< farmers water wells are being metered and man are the Libs gonna pay in about 5 years GMO garbage will cost 3 times what it did in 2010.

So they think vegetables are ugly? Prove it!

I think they the lawyer took the wrong approach. Sure if their wasn't a grocery store in every neighborhood they might have won that argument. It seems to me that they should have argued financial burden. They had already established the garden and would have suffered an undue financial burden if they had to remove their existing garden and start a new one. The village may have grandfathered them in if they had skin in the game.

¡¡ Great video !!

Instead of censoring, we must support and motivate the population to grow their own food, so they are creators and they are happy to consume what they themselves harvest.

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