CHARLIE SHEEN Accused Of Molesting 13 Year Old Corey Haim!

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In this video, I report on the recent revelations by former actor Dominick Brascia that Charlie Sheen molested now deceased child actor Corey Haim on the set of the 1986 film 'Lucas'.

We had reports of this nearly a month ago but couldn't report on it for legal reasons until it came out.

According to Dominick Brascia, Sheen convinced Brascia's friend Corey Haim to have sex with him while Haim was 13. Haim had then fallen in love with Sheen only for his advances to be denied by Sheen who at that point had become cold towards the child actor.

This scarred Haim for life. Though Haim did have consensual sex with Sheen in his 20s again according to reports.


Corey Feldman has been hinting at this for years. In his book 'Coreyography', Feldman left Sheen unnamed, but alluded to the encounter saying that Sheen had insisted to Haim that it was normal in Hollywood for adults to have such relationships with children. Sheen would have been 19 at the time.

Feldman also hinted at the revelations during his recent interview on the Today Show.

This is just one of countless other allegations being made against Hollywood actors, producers and directors. It all ties into a ring of degeneracy and paedophilia in the high, elite realms of Hollywood, Washington, the music industry and the sports industry.

See the FULL video report here:

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I knew Hollyweird had terrible secrets, but some of the shit that is starting to surface now is pretty sickening.

Thank you for covering the topic that most won't touch. Apparently not to many care to comment either...? tip!


Haha, thanks! Well considering I was instantly demonetized by YouTube for posting it, there are quite a few in high places that don't want it to be touched. So be it. Won't stop me! :)

Good vid bro


Thanks man!

This is down right disgusting @cleverbot


Therefore you are a robot.

Hey joshsigurdson,
Thanks for the great content

Honestly these rumours are old news. I think the movie was back in 1986 and it was called Lucas. The fact that Charlie Sheen is such a perverted wouldn't surprise me if it were true. Watch Trump in Vietnam live now on

It is sad if true and time will mostly expose the bad and ugly - when you open a bad can you shocked what can come out

More proof of what a ZEST POOL of RATS running HOLLYWOOD.