BREAKING: THE DOLLAR IS DOOMED! - Fed Collapsing Economy As MILLIONS Lose Job! - BRICS Takeover!

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See the FULL video report HERE:

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the incoming collapse of the US Dollar as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates another 0.75% pushing to their highest since 2008! They claim this is to stop inflation, however, with the recent printing of currency in the "Inflation Reduction Act" it is quite abundantly clear that it creates MORE inflation.
Meanwhile, the rise of interest rates will lead to millions of lost jobs. Add this to the supply chain crisis and the energy crisis and you have an "Everything Bubble."
It has never been more important to stock up and be prepared as we are on the precipice of the cliff here and as we see multiple global currencies collapsing, the dollar will be the finishing blow. Even Jerome Powell has admitted that the dollar may lose reserve status.
As BRICS is seeing global support from the world's biggest players and the Euro craters, it is clear that the new world order is being built before us. A digital cashless society tied to carbon credits and social credit, all in the name of the "Great Reset."

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