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The FED just announced another rate cut

That makes it 3 straight rate cuts in a row.

This cut was for .25% or 25 basis points.

Plus we had $120 billion in overnight repo loans for banks.

Plus we are also seeing $60 billion a month in treasure purchases.

This is full out recession type activity.

Add all this up and it equals major bitcoin stimulus.

Long bitcoin short the banksters!


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I wonder when they will stop? They might not even stop when they get to 0. How low will they go?

Good question. The rest of the world didn't stop at zero, my guess is neither will we.

The FED is using old mechanism to calm and balance market. Unfortunatelly they won't be able to do much because the coming crisis has much more variables than the previous ones. I save cryptos for my retirement, even if I am 43 because there won't be any pensions probably when I get to that age.

I hope your wrong, well sort of. No pensions would be pretty terrible for people. On the other hand I would like my crypto to be worth a lot more.

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