Reflecting on my Career in the Alternative Media

in news •  3 months ago

Looking back at my career in alt-media, the things that will always stay with me is the people I was able to help. The people who wrote to me in desperation because the mainstream was ignoring or lying about their stories.

It started with a grower from California, who had a cannabis delivery service back when laws in the state were still developing. He won his trial through jury nullification, and I was the first journalist to cover his case.

Then a young named Rumain Brisbon from Arizona was shot dead on his doorstep by police. The media ignored his story. His family and friends reached out to us, and we helped make his story national news.

When police suffocated Eric Garner, the person who filmed the encounter was arrested, and received a harsher sentence than the murderer. We helped expose his story and helped his family raise thousands for legal fees and food.

An environmentalist was forced to remove windmills from his property, we helped him get his story out.

We helped an epileptic from Texas who was facing charges for using medical cannabis.

Tragedy struck close to home when a young woman named Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her home by police after being targeted for asserting her rights at a traffic stop in Baltimore. The mainstream media painted her as a psycho, but we fought that narrative, and helped restore her good name. I was the first to that story, and even picked up on it before local media

Then possibly one my final exclusive articles, the case of Donna Castleberry Dalton who was shot and killed by a cop during an altercation where he attempted to lock her in his car and sexually assault her. The media smeared her because she was a sex worker, but we fought for her good name too and gave the family and friends a chance to have their voices be heard.

I am not worried about losing my job. I am already over that and have been working another job for a month now. What really upsets me is that there will be no one to give the world the other side of the story in situations like this.

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Hold on in there the alt media is needed. People will begin to turn as they wake to this authoritarian take over, which they will now 💯 🐒


I am not giving up, but I now only have about 2 hours per day to dedicate to this fight, instead of 12, which is going to drastically decrease my output, and my visibility is down there will definetly be less work from me


It a shame but it will build again as people realise that
they need to source their own source of reliable information 💯🐒

Thanks for writing an article and sharing out my video of the Corvallis Police department violating my rights.

I have followed your pages on FascistBook for quite a while, I believe in you and your works. I know there is an opportunity to help our world even more in the wake of this difficulty.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

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It has been stories like these that have really been necessary in our society. You losing this job is a loss to all of us. Not just you but the whole alternative media. I am positive this is just a temporary set back.

I have been wanting to speak out for a while now but just didn't have the energy. So I am going to take advantage of this chaos and fill in the gap as best I can. People are starting to wake up and they are starving for real knowledge and information.

I am sooo over the ancom/ancap crap. But I have finally started finding people who don't know about these ideologies but are sick of the government bullshit and these are the people I seek to reach.

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