Police Threaten Arrest If Citizens Speak Out Against the State-Sanctioned Death of Baby Alfie Evans

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A 23-month-old baby boy named Alfie Evans has been fighting for his  life in a British hospital for months. Aflie has a degenerative  neurological condition that doctors say is incurable, and thus the  medical staff at the hospital has basically condemned the child to die. Alfie’s parents want to do everything in their power to keep him  alive. 

However, unfortunately, the UK government has the final say as to  how the child will be treated, and a series of court rulings have  ordered the hospital to take him off of life support. Alfie’s father, Thomas Evans has been attempting to appeal these  rulings so the family can fly to the Vatican hospital in Rome, where  they have been offered free medical care, with experimental treatments  that are not offered in the UK. 

Despite the fact that this will come at no cost to the UK  government or the hospital, they are legally forcing the family to stay  in the UK, where they will be denied medical care because the government  decided that it was not worth the effort to keep the boy alive. Even  worse, the hospital has not been feeding the child while he is under  their care, which is now court mandated.  

The parents sought to try  experimental treatments outside of the country, but the doctors were  able to prevent them from leaving the UK. 

Under the healthcare system in  the UK, patients are often at the whims of doctors and are not allowed  to make their own medical decisions in many cases, especially when  children are involved, since the state assumes the legal authority to  speak for the child.  We have seen similar situations play out in the United States, as many parents take the risk of having the government take their children if they decide to try unconventional but promising new treatments like cannabis oil.

The Evans family has even been forced to go to the courts to request  to take their son home, which now seems like their best possible option. The case has sparked outrage across the world, but instead of backing down, the hospital and the government have gone on the offensive against anyone offering support for the Evans family. 

Alder Hey Hospital Chairman David Henshaw and Chief Executive Louise  Shepherd said in a statement that they have been victims of a “barrage of highly abusive and threatening language and behavior.” 

“We have endured attacks upon our motivation, our professionalism, and  our ethics. It has been a very difficult time. Having to carry on our  usual day-to-day work in a hospital that has required a significant  police presence just to keep our patients, staff, and visitors safe is completely unacceptable,” they said in the statement. 

Then Merseyside Police Department issued a statement on their Facebook page, saying that they will be monitoring social media for posts about the situation, and will be considering legal action against people for speaking out:  

“We’ve issued the following statement following reports  of social media posts being made in relation to Alder Hey Hospital and  the ongoing situation with Alfie Evans: Chief Inspector Chris Gibson said: ‘Merseyside Police has been made  aware of a number of social media posts which have been made with  reference to Alder Hey Hospital and the ongoing situation involving  Alfie Evans. I would like to make people aware that these posts are being  monitored and remind social media users that any offences including  malicious communications and threatening behaviour will be investigated  and where necessary will be acted upon.'”

This  is not an empty threat either—police in the UK actually have the legal  authority to arrest people for things that they say online. This is one  of the many examples of how seemingly well-intentioned laws against  “hostile” speech can actually be used to stifle dissent so that public  discourse can be pushed in a particular direction. In fact, thousands of  people over the past few years have been arrested for Facebook posts in  the UK. 

As The Free Thought Project reported,  just last month a YouTube prankster named Mark Meechan was arrested and  found guilty of a hate crime for training his dog to do a Nazi  salute—as a joke to freak out his girlfriend. Meechan says that he is  not racist or antisemitic, but that he likes to explore the “darker side  of humor.” He was charged under the Communications Act of 2003, which  states that people who make online posts that are deemed offensive or  malicious can face fines and prison time. In the case of Alfie Evans, there are so many people speaking out  that it will likely spark further anger if someone is actually arrested  for sharing their opinion.  


My name is John Vibes and I am an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. I write for numerous alternative media websites, including The Free Thought Project @tftproject and The Mind Unleashed. In addition to my first book, Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance, I have also co-authored three books with Derrick Broze @dbroze : The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality, Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion and Manifesto of the Free Humans

I just won a 3-year-long battle with cancer, and will be working to help others through my experience, if you wish to contribute to my medical bills, consider subscribing to my podcast on Patreon. 

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Thanks John another good post.

You should have tagged this #familyprotection I think those folks would want to share this information.


good call, i should have done that off the bat...thanks to your suggestion i just tried to change the tag though..maybe it will work :-) good thinking

I can't help but imagine myself & a militia escorting that precious child & his family to the caregiver of their choosing. It rips my heart in pieces. As a father myself...this hurts.


this is what you would be up against :(


They want to use his organs for transplants to rich people! Probably make a few million off the vital organs alone.


I want to get sick just looking at these little piggies. Disgusting!

Unreal that government thinks it has authority over the parent, legally they will say they do because the parents sign the birth certificate. This has not stopped people speaking out in the UK though, the alternative media has been more vocal than ever on the subject.

That is just heart breaking. I would stop at no lengths to get my child out of that hospital if i were in their shoes.

This is a very good example of govern-cement policy and why it becomes futile to be a good citizen.

Who is to blame?

The poor doctors and nurses are having to deal with extreme stress of people protesting outside their hospital. But none of them can do anything. Their hands are tied. If they did anything to help, it would be a crime.

Are the judges to blame? Maybe, but it has long been established that citizen is a word for cattle owned by the govern-cement.

If you had one bullet, a magic bullet, there is no place that you could point it that would fix this. That is the problem with the govern-cement. Everyone who is "supposedly" a part of it has pointed their fingers at someone else. The web is complex. But what is certain is that not a single part of it can accept blame.

This will have to be solved in a different way.
And it starts with accountability. The govern-cement will not like that.


very good thing, that is the problem with government it is like a responsibilty defuser

I have actually wrote about this in the past



The order followers should take the brunt of criticism. They are the ones who physically enforce the politicians' laws. If the police/military disobeyed their orders, who would stop Alfie & his family from leaving the hospital?


Actually, the hardest part for Alfie's parents would be the constant harassment by bureaucrats. They could easily grab the kid and make a run for it. But, then their normal life would be over. They could never allow their child to go to school, etc.

I believe that after politicians vote on a law, the police should vote on whether they would enforce it.
Further, both of these votes should be 90%. None of this 51% crap.


The bureaucrats are powerless without the order following of the police. Without the police, their 'laws' are just scribbles on paper.

This story is an example of an unusually extreme situations that many people are unaware of just how imposing government intervention can be under these rare circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

Our freedoms are literally under siege right now

Their parents might do one thing or another...Laws this, laws that....
What's the point of keeping the baby suffering for an incurable desease?
Just asking.


I have to kind of agree with you , it's a first world problem . My Grandmother gave birth to 12 but only raised 10 . But that would be a total different discussion . It's normal for parents to do everything for there new born child , even if medical care declares the child as lost .
Point here is the way governments , insurance and judges seem to act like they own us .
In this case withholding loving parents from seeking alternative medical care . Who am i , or we to keep those people from following hope that a hospital in the Vatican bids . Even if it will not safe the child , parents will follow any spark of hope . It's not there fault modern technology can keep defected humans alive for a long time . It's not about a baby suffering from an incurable disease , the question is who are the government or laws to decide who lives or whom dies ?


they wanted to try an experimental treatment, so it may not have been incurable, people have had recoveries that have suprised doctors before

my guess is that is what they were thinking


Indeed , the incurable state of the child is in doubt as long as government and law keep the child from alternative treatments . the incurable state is in this case is put up on the child by local government and law , denying it from searching for a possible cure , witch might heal or not heal the child . On doing so government and law keep all of us from medical progression no matter if the child makes it alive or not .
I personally hope the best for the poor child and his parents .

Unbelievable that things like this happen in 2018, we should be more evolved as humanity in the 21st century. There should be respect for the decisions of another human being especially if they are pro-life of a baby!
Do you think that if this baby was the royal family's baby, this would have applied to them too? I do not think so. I bet they would have been allowed to leave the country with the baby to bring it to another hospital for sure!
If the Evans parents want to take their baby abroad to try to save it's life - no one, no hospital, no government should stand in the way. This is murder of a child and for what? Because of a power display? If they truely believe the baby is "incurable" then why oppose it being transfered to another hospital (or even abroad)? What would they have to loose? Nothing. So what are they scared of? That the baby could actually live and maybe even heal? That another medical equipe abroad could maybe save the baby and make the British hospital "look bad"? That other patients could follow suit? Is that why they also want to censor who is speaking out in favor of life, in favor of Alfie?
Suppression of human rights (the right to live) and free speech censorship: this is dictatorship!
When laws go against common logical decisions and against life itself, well it is time to change them. The problem is also that if any of those doctors, nurses, judges, police officers etc had any empathy at all, this situation would have never happened in the first place, everyone would be respectful of the parent's decision and would be acting in support of life, in support of these parents who want to try to save their baby son.

Anyone and especially all parties involved in this situation need to ask themselves "If it was my baby would I want the hospital to take him off of life support and condem it to die?" The reply is NO.
This is only one hospital in one country, the parents deserve to bring the baby anywhere they choose to try to save their babyìs life, especially since Italy has granted Alfie Italian citizenship. As an Italian citizen Alfie should be allowed to leave Britain and go to Italy where the Hospital Bambin Gesù has offered FREE MEDICAL CARE of Alfie and is even waiting for him. And even if there Alfie's conditions would not change, at least the parents would know they've done everything in their power for their child.

So if they pull the plug on that baby now even after he has been granted Italian citizenship well it would be actually MURDER! The first rule of Hippocratic was "First do no harm". Furthermore how can the British judicial system allow for sharia law courts in Britain which go against British laws and principles and not let a baby who is now also an Italian citizen leave the hospital and country?




"This is murder of a child and for what?"

The doctors, hospital, and insurance companies all have money to lose if the child is removed from their jurisdiction. They will all get paid for treating him to death.

"So what are they scared of?"

Not only their immediate income from this child is at stake. If the child were cured, or even kept alive longer, elsewhere, it is an indictment of the entire political and medical establishment of the UK.

Medical murder is not a new thing. Sad, but true.

Government is a tool. Over time corruption has seized control of this tool, and uses it for criminal purposes. Any form of government will succumb to this corrupting principle in time. Government is a failed experiment, and the reality is that individual people retain actual, real sovereignty, but are coerced to comply with orders from thugs.

In time, all governments will fail because of this.

What comes next is up to us.

The most sinister thing about this IMHO is that the UK will not allow the family to leave and escape the death sentence imposed on the innocent child. What is obvious about this is that censorship isn't about keeping people safe at all.

Censorship is a weapon being used to kill this child.


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You will find my active post here: #thethreehugs

This is simply outrageous, and another of the billions of billions of proofs that the belief in authority is the most dangerous religion. If people really wanted that baby to have a chance, no number of enforcers would be sufficient to keep them out of that hospital.

we can resort to social networks to do this public, fill the city with posters, and involve many people it is difficult to take so many illegal actions