Officer of the Year Arrested for Strangling His Own Son During a Heated Debate on Marijuana

in news •  5 months ago

 Shawnee, OK — Police Sergeant Jesse McCord, of the Tecumseh Police  Department, was arrested this week for choking his own son in the middle  of a restaurant during a heated discussion about marijuana. 

The cop who choked his own kid over a marijuana debate was officer of  the year last year — which most likely included a history of locking  people up for possessing marijuana. Ironically enough, the pair were out at a Buffalo Wild Wings with  family and friends having dinner and drinking alcohol—a drug that McCord  presumably has no issue with. 

However, Cpl. Vivian Lozano with the Shawnee Police Department said  that conversation turned into a heated argument when the topic of  marijuana came up, according to KFOR

“They were there eating dinner and having some alcohol. They were  having a conversation, which ended up heated, and an argument started,” Lozano said. McCord’s son reportedly attempted to calm the situation by saying  that they should leave because there were children watching, but he  refused and became more belligerent. 

“I came with you, and you can’t make me get up…You’re f*** dead to me, you worthless piece of s***.” McCord yelled. McCord then jumped out of his chair and began allegedly strangling his son.

“Strangulation is very serious. He was treated and released at  the hospital. I’m not sure how injured he was or anything, but he was  released,” Lozano said. 

McCord was arrested for assault and battery-strangulation and was placed on administrative leave. The fact that this officer was under the influence of alcohol at the  time of the attack adds a terrible twist of irony to this case,  considering the fact that cannabis is a far safer drug, and people who  drink alcohol can be prone to violence. Of course, since alcohol is legal and cannabis is still illegal in  most states, and federally, many people still carry the false belief  that it is more of a danger than alcohol. 

Police seem especially hostile towards cannabis because many of them  realize that their jobs are largely dependent on its prohibition. Meanwhile, alcohol has enjoyed decades of being the  government-approved recreational drug, after the disastrous Prohibition  era. 

The government soon learned it could reap massive profits from  alcohol through extortion fees (licensing) and so-called “sin taxes.” About 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States Meanwhile, no one has ever died from excessive cannabis ingestion,  and the impairment factor is not even close to alcohol. Some studies  have shown little to no driving impairment from cannabis, but of course, this depends on a person’s frequency of use. People arrested for ‘driving while high’ are convincing juries that they were not, in fact, impaired

This plant has been called a miracle drug by many and is quickly  growing in popularity for its medicinal properties. Yet, despite the  growing evidence of the incredible advantages of cannabis, there are  powerful business and political interests that are very intent on  keeping this drug illegal. Cannabis can heal or treat a variety of physical ailments, and also  reduce our dependence on oil-based products and prescription  pharmaceuticals.

 All research shows that this plant is not only  harmless, but can be extremely beneficial to our environment and our  society. Sadly, this case is a telling sign of how far we still have to go for  mass adoption as it shows that cops are willing to choke their own  children when confronted with this information. 

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Amazing article! I had to stifle the schadenfreude for parts of it, but I will blame it on the alcohol, no pun intended, that's real talk. I don't understand why we keep going down this failed path that is the war on drugs. It's unbelievable how stupid people can be. Live and let live, it's that simple. Let people think and act however they please no matter how ridiculous, just so long as they aren't causing harm to others.

Classic case of parent/cop not being able to accept change in society. As the laws shift everyone needs to grasp the fact that just because something was not legal in the past does not mean it's wrong or cannot be changed once folks realize it's not bad and helps people in the present. I would be willing to bet money that the cop isn't aware of the medical benefits, only that the law hasn't allowed it in the past.


It is worse than that. I so called good man that can't simply admit that he was wrong. That his misplaced faith in a system that destroys lives for militarism. The military industrial complex will exist and persist. 25,000 textiles from Cannabis. Cannabis makes the best fiber, food, fuel, and fun. Freedom is never given.

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Buffalo Wild Wings is always a fucking nightmare.

It Sounds like the father needed to have a spliff an' chill a little!



Exactly. There would have been no fight to start with. When was the last time you heard of two guys getting stoned then getting in to a fight? Never, unless alcohol is involved too.

Haha yea def this guy would benefit from some cannabis use and chill the F out. I would love to know what exactly they were saying, maybe he told him he was growing some weed in the backyard lol

Good article. Thank you for your contribution to liberty. The New World Order is doomed.

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The world is insane..

@Johnvibes love the consistent quality of your post.

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While I don't really want to use it myself, I don't really care if others want to use it. The whole war on drugs needs to end.