Trump's awkward handshake with Macron

in news •  last year

President Trump's first meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the French president, led to a handshake battle that Trump seems to have lost.

On Thursday the two leaders met in Brussels before the NATO summit. While they both grip each other's hands for quite some time during the photo-shoot, Trump eventually gives in and wants to let loose. Macron, however, refuses to let loose for another split second, using Trump's handshake techniques against him and thus asserting dominance.

Later that day, President Macron approached the leaders, first taking his time to greet Chancellor Merkel, then proceeding to shake hands with Jens Stoltenberg of NATO and afterwards shaking hands with the Belgium Prime Minister.

Finally, he gets to Trump. As usual, Trump opens his hand from the lower position, and when his opponent grabs it he pulls him towards him. But Macron refuses to give in and instead pulls both towards the middle, resulting in an awkward compromise.

Maybe Trump shouldn't have been so open about his handshake techniques in his books?

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This is like kids in the playground. Interesting and bad at the same time.


Exactly, but deep inside most people are still kids right?

instead of using such tricks, trump should find a way to reach Melania's hand .
good one @johnhehoan :)