RE: People Are Already Getting Arrested for Trying to “Storm Area 51”

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People Are Already Getting Arrested for Trying to “Storm Area 51”

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I am a bully and you are bully. All humans are bullies.

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Well, we do have to do something.
However, we do have the ability to organize the work into a more equitable distribution.

You are against free markets?

I am against markets.
Everything should be free, and I earn my share by contributing my labor.

Why should I have to work hard? People generally are lazy. Most people make poor decisions most of the time. You are encouraging people to be rewarded for being inefficient and ineffective. I'm encouraging people to work harder in order to get more. That is the heart of innovation. That is the American Dream. You are against the American Dream. You promote Venezuela which was a roaring economy.

Work harder to get more?
How about we work smarter, and together, to get what we need to be happy?

Get out of the trap, eh?

Hope you enjoy your little cult. Free markets have been around for thousands of years. It has always been around.

Here, watch this movie and tell which side is the cult.
Or, read this book and again tell me who the cultists are.

Is Logan's Run similar to The Hunger Games? I love Michael York. I've not seen either movies before. So, I'm watching Logan's Run right now. I love writing about science fictions movies, especially films based on the future. So, I will try to write a post about this film for example.

Logan's Run also reminds me of In Time.