Yes me too, I am absolutely loving it, even simply as an idea to the future :) Thanks for jumpin in pal! I do really hate the bandwidth honestly, but it's really only a matter to very new accounts. Here's hoping it won't be forever!

The problem is that since we don't have delegations on WLS we need to figure out a way to help newbies... Even though WLS is very cheap atm and newbies could just buy some, I think that in order to get a lot of users we need a better mechanism to manage network resource allocation... Maybe something similar to EOS, but with a decent minimum amount so that new users can engage and users with more resource requirements can just purchase WLS to power it up.

Fully agreed with you there. I created a new account the other day for pods, and thankfully I had some stake to send to it because it is a bit debilitating, and no matter the value of token, I don't think users should need to pay to use the service minimally. I am near certain the values will be adjusted over time.

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