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Close to home , Yesterday there was a shooting at my daughters high school !! Thank God she got out safe .. But so many of my neighbors kids DID NOT !!!!! Why are our politicians COWARDS .. 90 percent of the public want some thing done about these semi automatic weapons . Do we really need to be selling these weapons to 18 year old kids . This keeps happening every month some where in the usa . Our politicians are cowards .. NRA has them not willing to even look at gun control ..


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Oh my god this horrible I am so sorry for neighbors kids God bless his them souls.
Thank God that your daughter she safe .
God bless your daughter
And i think that weapons should not be held in our society, we need love, forgiveness and behavior not weapons.

Again God bless your daughter


Thank you very much

Oh my gosh!!!! That's terrifying! Your poor child, and those poor families of those hurt!

I'm so sorry.

Proverb 29:2 "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." the politicians aspire for political offices because to get themselves fame, richer, to become by the world and to acquire wealth for their families and not for the supposed interest of the masses. Hence they pay less attention or delayed responses to issues affecting the masses probably their offices are not affected neither their families so they intentionally keep mute until the situation had claimed lives of the citizens. This is callousness. Like you said they ought to be voted out of office. The electorates must also be well educated about casting their votes for whoever.. Finally we need the hand of God to perpetually make these kind of political aspirants to loose elections for they are devil incarnate. Thanks for sharing.


Well said


Thank you for the upvote. Am grateful

I think the problem lies somewhere else. Here in Poland 21 year old kid can buy AR-15. But we do background check for mental illness criminal record and so on.

It's sad, that somebody couldn't do that in this case. My thoughts and prayers are with families of victims.

Dear @jkenny i agree with your thought.

I am so very sorry for all that your community, family, and friends are going through. I'm so glad that your daughter is safe. I am a teacher. Something needs to change so that our schools and our children are safe.