Only One Passenger!

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Only one passenger on the entire passenger plane. According to the Times of India, an Air India flight from Amritsar to Dubai in India carried only one passenger.

(Collected Photo)
According to the report, SP Singh Oberoi, a businessman from Amritsar, India, does business in the United Arab Emirates. He bought an Air India ticket to return to Dubai from Amritsar. However, on the day of the journey he saw that there were no other passengers in the whole plane except him.

He said he had a flight on June 23 at 4 am. He got on the plane and saw that he was the only passenger. Although he did not want to go on such a flight at first, he later agreed after a request from the Union Aviation Ministry of India.

Talking about the experience of traveling alone, he said that he had bought a ticket for a 3-hour journey at a cost of only Rs 15,000. That is why he did not feel bad about the experience of chartered flight of lakhs of rupees.

He added that he felt very lucky. He thought of himself as Maharaja. All the crew of the aircraft were very sincere. He took many pictures with the flight attendants and pilots on the empty plane.

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