Largest prison strike in U.S. history, against state sponsered slavery, has entered its second week

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Did you know there is a prison strike currently entering its second week involving 24 states with roughly 20,000 prisoners? This strike is to bring national attention to “inhumane conditions" that the prisoners are experiencing. Forced work with little to no pay, a slave system, basically.

Now many could be saying “…but they are criminals and deserve it!". Debatable. Define criminal.

Criminal comes from the Latin word criminalis, “pertaining to crime". Crime comes from the Latin word crimen “adultery, cause of a crime, criminal, crime/offense/fault, and sin/guilt". Are adulterers criminals to you? What was the cause or their sin/guilt? Do you think victimless crimes should be punishable by death?

As an anarchist I believe that if there is no victim then there is no crime. There must be a victim for a crime to have taken place. The government is a social construct and cannot be a victim. Without following this simple idea we allow for the violation of rights. Drug use is not a violation of someone else’s rights. Check out these dumb laws. There is no law too small that the government will not kill you over. Read my article on "What is a Police Enforcement Officer and what are their duties with regards to our rights?"

Now as you can see our prison system has a large portion that have been kidnapped and held against their will for victimless crimes. Tax evasion or smoking cannabis should not mean a death sentence to anyone (my article on why taxation is theft).

The 13th Amendment states that:

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
The Constitution is not a perfect document, allows for slavery, and we know millions of innocent people are being made criminals for victimless crimes. This means that they are slaves, innocent, and being forced to make money for others.

Prisoners across the country have begun to strike against this treatment, which has become the largest strike since Attica Prison riot.

Do you really trust our corrupt government, flawed judicial system, and the systemic racism built into our laws? Until the failed drug war ends, forced labor ends, and we address the issue of systemic racism we should all stand with the prisoners against a massive violation of rights and state sponsored slavery.

My name is Jeffrey Hann, @jeffreyahann, and I'm an anarchist/voluntarist, Army veteran, business analyst, graphics and website designer, and content creator. I have a passion for truth and being logical, which eventually lead me to anarchism. I strive to live my life through voluntary actions and valuing rights. I co-own Journalistic Revolution (Facebook and YouTube) and JRev Radio (Facebook). We strive to be a factual and honest open sourced news organization.

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excellent story & good information! 20,000 people is a serious strike. That would be enough people to force the hand of any normal employer to listen to their demands. But the sad fact is this is barely one and a half percent of the total prison population.

The fact that their slaves go on strikes especially hunger strikes makes prison executives laugh. The fact is these are economic slaves, almost matrix style, where everything from clothes, food, and medicine, to guns, razors, and toilet paper are contracted by third party companies. These contracts make those who are awarded them by private correction companies BILLIONS.

Whenever there are hunger strikes, riots, or other prison calamities that use or conserve resources that can be billed to the government at the same rate, their stocks go up...
Look for yourself, this one is up 1% today and while the companies that rely on this labor are starting to loose.
"private correction corp."
"private corrective labor corp."


Thanks for the post! Agreed it is all corrupt and can't be trusted. News barely covers the Dakota Access Pipeline protests so this will be a small blip on the masses radar. Trump vs Clinton are what most are stuck on.


It tells the media what to do. The problem is not the subject of media but the subject of our attention.

Prison system is definetly a slavery that punishes unjustly some times.