The China A.I. Campaign Stifles The White House

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Well this is nothing new folks, for years we have always had our differences with that great nation and from the looks of things it will continue to be that way for a long time.

Despite the fact that America still owes a substantial amount of revenue to China has NOT sparked any motion for a nuclear war fight to the finish. NO WAY JOSE!

I think things are going to remain half-hardheartedly patched up between the two super powers due to one over bearing fact that the America Government remains in a constant state of worry which focuses on China's artificial technology software -- that now will meet a more advanced physical aspect that will DEFINITELY IMPACT the entire world. What type of software I'm referring to (some are probably asking which ones, and I can only say check to the "sex-bot industry" that is slowly but surely taking hold of society starting from countries such as China.)

So for a number of years, clever technologies such as drones, spyware / malware viruses, even android phone technology was just the starting process to a MUCH larger application. Can you accurately guess the next level of A.I. evolution? You might say NO I DON'T however I believe you do, and I'll narrow that down in a quick moment which will help to bring this topic discussion into better clarification.

So what in the hell has our Government done that we've not found out about up to this day in 2018. LOL, I can assure you IT'S NOT MUCH MORE INFORMATIVE AMERICANS don't already know about the dirty secrets used against us, but more importantly hush-hush war intelligence and strategists that are sold behind our backs, and as trustworthy American citizens there are some of us that realize this cover up going on like a "silent-cou" launched against one's worst enemy.

The problem is, WE'RE seemingly this "worst enemy" that our own Government seems to despise US WITH ITS FULL INTENTION TO WEAKEN OUR SUPER POWER STATUS AS A STAND-ALONE NATION.

Even now the Government and one of its highly-notable factions the FBI, were in fact working with various political party groups trading key resources to countries such as Russia.

And if you're thinking that was about any of our precious nuclear arms / chemical warfare then I guess you can step up and claim that Big Pink Elephant prize you win for your girlfriend at a rinky-dink 3rd rate Carnival show who occasionally rolls into town to raise the mental morale of the common town folk, LOL.

If our secretive nuclear arms program was enough to bear losing to our highly potential enemies, what about the overwhelming focus on the entire A.I. Intelligence programs that have been kept VERY HUSH-HUSH to us, YET -- these secrets somehow wind up in the hand of our enemies, which leaves one asking why?

What many fail to realize is the "untruths" that are being placed RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES, which only heightens one's anger when they truly understand what their "so-called" trustworthy Government is REALLY doing behind their backs, and of course how they're spending taxpayers precious money.

Sophisticated A.I. Intelligence is nothing new, and Government knows that statement to be true. Bogus causes that are constructed telling citizens to donate to pseudo issues such as climate change, is nothing more than a RUSE use to help fund the programs that many would reconsider investing into.

IRS is yet another constructed lie put in place for the same basic purpose, matter of fact the Government's financial watchdog was enforced upon us to keep us broke, in fear, and they infringe upon us the MOST RIDICULOUS taxation laws when buying something as simple as a candy bar that's already posted over the pay rate speed limit or ---> $ .55 which is really 0.55 to 110 and you can move the decimal deceptively behind that numeric one ---> $1.10 and the tax law pushes the speed limit ten miles over because of (10 via $0.10) for a few cents more already over the dollar value.

You obviously see where this is going in terms of applied tax laws attached to any and everything one could possible think to tax. The highly generated revenue is the major question that needs to be addressed..

"So Where The H--l Is Our Money Going? Is It Toward A Cause, Charity, The Homeless?"


So where has this brought us in terms of highly sophisticated technology today, besides the random new smartphone that hits the market every 6 months or more LOL.


This looks pretty familiar yes?

It's the AI robot created by Nathan the mad scientist in "Ex Machina", well the creator wasn't quite a mad scientist "per se," but he was a bit out there in terms of creating these top-notch AI entities, and he built these robot chicks to basically handle tasks he'd probably got tired of dealing with himself. Plus you should keep in mind that this guy programs these AI robots to follow his commands down to the "T", which means there CANNOT be any margin of error once he gives them any command to follow and complete.

For those who saw the movie realize at the end the AI robot "Ava", was far more self-aware and deceptive than she perceives herself to be, and she also has the physical capabilities of a robotic entity (despite the fact that they really downplayed her physical strength.)

In Ava's case she was a learning robot with uncanny AI adaptive skill-sets, and that means that if you place her in an environment for to discover and interact with (this includes a highly intelligent human individual she can converse back and forth with), is doing nothing more but feed her appetite to self-evolve and step over the learning curve from the encounter as you saw her do in movie sequences with the character Caleb.

Caleb's buddy Nathan didn't fully realize Ava's learning potentials despite the fact that he constructed and built her into existence. What learning programs he instilled into her CPU neuro-brain interests me because the other female maid AI Kyoko, was the polar opposite from Ava in terms of thinking completely independently.

That led me to believe that Kyoko was actually an "early prototype model", and Ava was the more advanced model well-versed in logistic thinking and problem solving, and can use "deception" as a strategic weapon.

The movie "Ex Machina" has to be one of the best examples of AI creation, and would be the type of robotic entities the American Government would go all gung-ho for. Unfortunately, they kinda fell behind the 8 ball on that due to the fact that China is far ahead by already engineering these robotic creations (which are already being sold on the market BTW at a affordable price.)

So like our corrupted Government loves to do, they will find a way to tax us whether it's going to be applied slyly to a slight bump in property taxes, or to a food / beverage item sold on the market, or falsified charities will pave the way for them to get the funds, and thus invest into China's AI projects.

Now whether on not current President Trump is fully aware of this entire AI fiasco is hard to say (I'm sure he does know about various AI programs, but you have to remember in some cases NOT ALL PRESIDENTS ARE TOLD ABOUT EVERY SINGLE TOP SECRET PROGRAM OR AGENDA.)

Besides, he already has WAY TOO MUCH on his mind I'm sure. And judging from this pic you see here, he's probably asking one of the Secret Service guys for an Advil, and a Ice Cold Mountain Spring bottled water.

Thanks Charlie, You're A Life Saver!

The American Government I believe is biting more of than it could possibly chew here, I mean come on, do you REALLY believe that China would be willingly ready to share their MOST advanced AI secrets with a country they laugh at every day on a daily basis because of the fact that our Government mismanages the way it runs the laws of the **American Constitution, and let's NOT forget the way it targets and spies its own citizens by use of the Patriot Act ready and waiting to accuse us of any BOGUS stupidsh-t propaganda.


The Chinese Government is sitting back laughing at our Government, and the DUMBSH-T they proceed to do that has been backfiring in their face as of late, and I can't say I'm sorry to hear about that because I feel they deserve their "just do" as a DIRECT result of the sinister actions they take against us the great people of this nation.

Ultimately, we're f**ked again, which I say LARGELY falls on the stupidity of our beloved Government, and its cronie organizations who beckon at its every call to take down you or me, but gives free reign to terrorists and drug cartel crime lords who come here to make money illegally, destroy the minds of the innocent youth with they're toxic drug medicines, kill anyone who opposes them (despite the fact that this is NOT THEIR COUNTRY IN THE FIRST PLACE.)

And all of this our own Government accepts into its land of once great opportunity, but now only lingers of deep despair, pain, and constant suffering.

And this is their game plan from the get go you see, they'll construct more situations and disposition them toward us, and then come out and claim that they have the ultimate solution..

Drone technologies that can snuff out the cartels, the terrorists, and this includes GPS trackers, Bluetooth Technology for manipulating various devices for the good of common folk (yeah Bluetooth devices can use to further the elite's agenda.)

As you can clearly see, the furniture (AI Intelligent entities) are slowly being rolled into place and will soon be in control of communities and small cities. China is already on board with all of this, and now our Government wants a slice of the pie as well, and IT'S NOT TO HELP US MAINTAIN ORDER -- it will serve them better to use it against us, and it keep their precious police / militant groups from have to get their hands dirty while putting us at the expense of these machines who obvious don't have an inkling of human feelings within them whatsoever.

Oh yeah BTW, they'll also turn HUGE profits off of this while we'll get taxed harder to keep all of this sh-t running smoothly, well under MASS oppression.

LOL, all I can say is BRAVO to those sorry bastards. But even with their supposed Robot AI's and other hidden programs they set to bum off of China to use against us, they still have a serious issue to face.


That's a fact they can take to the bank!

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