Oh Snap Autocruisers Can Write You Up For A Ticket

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If you're not as tech buff as MOST people in America by now, then you surely have been missing out on a lot of high-tech innovations that will be helping to better serve NOT you the law-biding citizen, but rather the men and women in blue who would cite to issue you that cumbersome $100 dollar ticket, if you were to let's say been traveling on the highway, and a posted speed sign of 55 miles per hour was the standard speed limit was set in that particular area.

However, this was bound to happen whether people are shocked that it's now taking starting to take effect, the way police officers do business. Now many may think this is annoying to have to pay the ticket in due respect given the fact they were in the wrong. But this is also more convenient instead of having to stop, pull off the side of the road, and then deal with whatever mood the officer is in whether good, bad, or just have a straight pissed off NOT TAKING ANY SHIT TYPE OF DAY.

In that aspect it is less frustrating, avoiding them all together, especially if you were on your way to work, with only 10 MINUTES TO SPARE.

You also have to keep mind that all of the new software / hardware features that are now required for these police cruisers to have, it maybe a little bit of showing off for the officer driving in one of these bad boys up and down the roads of their communities every day, but I'm pretty sure the added features are also for their protection when pulling over a motorists, because they're in the same situation you're in as the driver -- you know when one is walking into the unknown, not knowing if they'll return home to their families (so the element of danger is always present.)

But this new edge technology may also be adding to a common problem MOST of us hold dear among anything else that is attached to our identity (such as a driver license..)

Your Privacy Rights!

So you see we come right back to this when dealing with our Amendments Rights, you know the common ones that gives as the rights to privacy ---> 4th and 5th Amendments, are the core backbone of your privacy rights, and as of late.

You Can Drop The Charade Sammy Boy, We Know You're Part Of The Deception!

Uncle Sam has been running over these sacred rights for a long while particularly since the time the Patriot Act went into affect back in 2001. Some American citizens felt that their rights were under MORE scrutiny after this act was put into affect by the legislative powers of Congress, and the executive powers of President George W. Bush, and the word has it's on abbreviated term -- Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act. This has become the "standard conspiracy", for a number of years, and has enforced itself after the years when were

  • 4th Amendment Rights - was created to protect both the citizen and any acquired property from BOGUS searches done by entities such as the police or the FBI, the only exception to the rule is determined by the following situations:

  • 5th Amendment Rights - was created to protect you from self-incrimination, you can claim the right to remain silent, and instead request for your lawyer, or an appointed legal representative to represent you in a court of hearing (and you have the power to take it further, and use it during the court proceeding as well.)

Standard Electronic Interface / Devices - Inside a police cruiser you'll see electronic devices, a display monitor, inputs, all lying in wait ready for an officer when needed. High-advanced integrated systems are mandated by law enforcement organizations. Its speech-based user interface lets officers operate the system without taking their eyes off the road, while a graphical user interface provides backup. Police departments can install the system's devices in safe locations in the cruiser, and using standards makes it easy to incorporate new devices into the system.

Electronic Infringement Notice (EIN) - You can't be TOO CAREFUL in these times, and yeah it's scary for a citizen when they get pulled over because they're automatically thinking about the temperament of these officers, in the same respect the officer are thinking what will they encounter when they walk up to the side of your vehicle to confront YOU the driver (overall the chance for something stupid and chaotic to go down is reduced greatly, so you know MANY other police precincts are jumping on board for this smart technology.) The Electronic Infringement Notice or the "EIN eDocument" is what motorists will receive when they're issued a ticket from a police cruiser. Cops are already loving this- idea, because it frees them up to focus on more concerning criminal aspects, and free up more break time for them to make the occasional stop at the local Dunkin' Donut establishment all during their patrol shift. -- Cheers raise up those donuts for a toast! LOL.

Issuance of An eWarrant - Judicially sanctioned by probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation. You would have to be naive to think that all of this technology installed in these cruisers would be the only thing they were put there to do, there is other software that can how you say, tattle-tale on criminals, and EVEN law bidden citizens are NOT spared from prying technologies that can electronically brandish warrants for your arrest. I include citizens here because remember what George W. Bush set into motion back in 2001, he unleashed the Patriot Act. This sanctioned act would be the one to destroy your rights to privacy, at the same time if suspected of any type of wrongdoing could volunteer you as a criminal operative (it was to be used to identify international terrorists due to the events of 911, however our Government had other things in mind instead which would eventually lead to a HUGE conspiracy of credible established American rights. THIS ALL COMES DOWN TO TARGET CITIZENS ON FALSE SUSPENSION -- bogus claims coming from various law enforcement entities, and this is if YOU KNOW YOU DID NO WRONG, YET THEY ACCUSE YOU FOR A CRIME YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE PLEASURE OF COMMITTING!) For ACTUAL convicted criminals and soon-to-be convicted criminals, missing mandatory court dates, failing to respond to subpoenas, or skipping out on court fees that are issued by a judge for you to pay -- WILL MAKE YOU AN EASY TARGET FOR ONE OF THESE eDocuments! Remember these are the times of cutting-edge technology, and when these law enforcement organizations employ this smart software to work in their favor, you as the criminal will no doubt lose this battle every time. Oh yeah, they'll still come banging at your door looking for you as well LOL -- some things never change with time you know. :-\

Hey buddy we already served you a warrant via internet, now open it up, or prepared to come running out in tears.

Hey Charlie, hand me one of those 555 CS tear gas canisters, and get the battering ram to BUST open the front door. Oh yeah, bout to make 'em shed the waterworks!

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