Ever Hear of Strava? The Fitness Tracking App That Gives Away Location of Secret US Army Bases..

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As crazy as crazy can get, this new found revelation has come to light about a fitness company who has developed app health tracking app that can effectively locate the whereabouts of secret hidden Government Bases..

I know right away your thinking how in the hell could that be possible?

Not to far-fetched I'd say.

Remember that Govey has been keeping us in the dark for who knows how many years now about private scanning / surveillance, it's not a secret as one may think that the Government will stoop to such lows such as spying on its citizens for quote unquote to protect and serve us keeping us safe at night, having us believe that "WE" can turn to them in a time of need.

Well.. Judging how things been going over the last 15+ years, I think by now Americans should step back and REALLY take a hard look at what Global Entities are trying to plan with their wacky agendas that will SUPPOSEDLY put our country back on map and pull us away from certain insanity.

I can already see how that has failed us miserably, but yet Govey insists that it's for our best interests and safety..

Three quick misconceptions the Government want us to accept into our lives that complete and utter bullsh-t!!

That's basically the Government's angle, is to keep you complacent within its system, and NEVER letting you be "truly" of your own free will and decisions.

They keep you coming back for more financial benefits which seems abundant right? But what if they were using you in this way as well (I know that would be like adding insult to injury.) In retrospect, is if that's really the case that "Govey" never seems to run out of finances, or is it a smoke screen put in place to make you think that it's REALLY going to benefit you in the long run..

You do remember the old saying right?

You know that famous line that says..


Yeah that the one, because in hind-sight of your receiving benefits, it's REALLY naive to believe that you won't be paying them back in one way or another.

See that's why they have their financial lacky IRS, because you and everybody else knows that taxes is the payment mechanism that fuels the investment capitol of the one percenters, the high-society roster, and of course that greedy a-- Uncle Sam.

It's vicious cycle the Government loves to see the masses entrenched in the corruptible forces of their beloved Government who doesn't truly care for you, see you as an expendable commodity, and loves to take away your Amendments rights (as of now the main focus is on the 2nd Amendments rights.)

It's just a ploy they run to get a "HOLD" on you, to better manipulate you as if you're a tool designed to serve a suitable purpose to their liking. So in order to accomplish that, they have to feed your bulls--t propaganda to sway your moral beliefs, and once that happens you lose yourself indefinitely and find yourself aligned to their regime as a "mind-conditioned slave".

Yeah, they were always overly fond of themselves, but were MUCH MORE fascinated in seeing people in distress and confusion.

The Power Elite have always hated us, they see us as insects they can just trample beneath their feet at any given time, and IN MOST CASES THIS IS 100% TRUE.

They do that by the negative influence they saturate the American culture with, this consists of the jobs we're hired at, the school institutions you put your kids into (and they have been failing to teach REAL WORTH when spending their time there in the classroom.) Even major influences are placed into various markets, such as buying a car, or house, or trying to start a small business, these are things they don't want YOU to possess due to the fact that they DON'T want us citizens to challenge them in anyway (that goes double when it comes down to profiting from your own business.)

So seeing you down and out, situations that breath life into possible "conspiracy controversies" that keep the public up at night fearing the worst from what's next to come.

And that's where I'm getting at about these Elite a--holes, where you might see them sipping their teas, eating their fancy coffee cakes etc., all the while laughing about what goes down in society due to their either direct / indirect interference.

(And YES they have great influence and control over our very own American Government, as well as its operating entities such as IRS, HSA, TSA, CIA, NSA, and any others I've missed would you then please fill in the blanks! LOL.)

The majority of the chaos that concur from their consistent meddling (which usually points to anything financial, medical, or technological they can gain control of, thus take away from the citizens of this nation.)

Bare with me for this last quick point, because I'm going to insinuate why the Strava Fitness App, could be of MUCH SIGNIFICANCE to us.

What else is new about what that fancy sub-header section title just had stated right?

The Government is always wondering what we're doing, how much money we're making, and this goes all the way down to who's who (family members) in your resident household.

The thing about their GOT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING type attitude is simple, they don't want you to get an edge in life by finding a way to break away from their constructed system many individuals become tethered to their carefully planned out agenda. People tend to think they "FREE", but honestly can that be said if you're being tax to death with BOGUS tax sanctions ON PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING YOU BUY, you're NOT ALLOWED to speak your mind about topics such as the one I'm speaking on right this moment (yeah they tend NOT to like that too much..)

So like you, I'm thinking who in the h--l came up with this app?

Second question would be right after that, is how MUCH cash they got paid to sell the device to various outside Governments, Militant Groups, even Terrorists Factions. I mean you don't REALLY think these devices is ONLY FOR US RIGHT?

Understand that they're apparently on the opposite side of the spectrum from us, as we are from them.

With the internet, the Government went and made sure that we're watched by their moderators (they are Google, Facebook, Twitter, EVEN PINTEREST -- yup any "ANTI-GOVEY" pins you put may very well get you into some SERIOUS trouble.)

But now things might be falling toward the favor of the American citizens, as you know the internet was once thought to be ruled by Govey, but actually it turned out that it was in fact Govey's lacky Google a.k.a. the "Googfather" that's actually doing the majority of its dirty work trying to see who's been talkative, informative, you know stuff that just pisses them off to no end, haha good I'd say. <-- [I'll put a link at the end of the article about that particular article I did a while back.]

It's time for "Govey" to get a taste of its own f--king medicine for a change! They like to hide things from us, keep us in the dark, yeah that was good for them back in the good old days, but now it has become their own worst nightmare.

The Strava Exercise App, is yet another tool you'll need to help keep "Govey" in check.

But it's NOT ONLY GOVEY that will be "flushed out", but rather the hordes of secret bases aligned and hidden by the orders of the "Power Elite". So with all of this said and done, it's NOT just us the citizens of this corrupted country that's put under constant watch, but with a wonder app like Strava, we can REALLY turn up the pressure on EXPOSING the Government which claims they have the right to keep you from knowing about their "so-called" PRIVATE TOP SECRET ESCAPADES.

Basically it's time to turn up the heat on the Government you know, MAKE 'EM SWEAT A BIT knowing the fact that the majority of intrusive technologies such as the internet that was partially created by "DARPA", they try to use against us in who knows how many ways, all-in-all they use various tactics such as subliminal messaging, pseudo-created propaganda, and let's not forget about how they control the food industry, and the topper of it all are the scalar weapon projects that are hidden deep within forbidden military bases which are usually sectioned off areas placed outside of cities such as "Area S4", (LOL that I was going to say Area 51 eh? Well that's actually North of Area S4 in Las Vegas.)

Yeah that's just one of their toys you see, and it's no coincidence about why they choose to claims areas "OFF LIMITS", because of fear that the public will learn about these stealth fighters, hover drones loaded with mini-sized warhead missiles, or how about aircrafts pulling what Mach 20?

That's roughly 15,360 mph (miles per hour)..

LOL no wonder why they'd want to hide that, people would flip out going nuts if they saw an aircraft pushing that type of velocity force.

Here another kicker..

You do know about the secret minerals worth SERIOUS cash that can be salvaged from Groom Lake right?

Hears nothing in the distance, as the audience falls silent..

Yep my friend, there valuable minerals in those hills and lakes (meaning that I'm going ahead and including Papoose Lake which is south of Area 51.)

So I say jog on! Because Strava seems to be in favor of the American citizens, NOT ONLY for health, but it obviously raises deep awareness as to what lies around them hidden in plain sight!

"One thing's for sure, whoever created this app will SURELY BE TARGETED like a lit up heated Christmas Tree with all the string-laced ornaments and other trimmings wrapped around it, and a big fat red ribbon bow place on top. LOL.

"The DARPA Internet Angle a.k.a --> ARPAnet"

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